Sunday, December 29, 2013

Spoken Discourse Analysis: Turn-Taking

Anot?cija         Semestra darba t?ma ir mutv?rdu sa broadenu anal?ze un viena no t?s sada??m - affect?t?ja mai?a. Semestra darba m?r?is ir pier?d?t, ka run?t?ja mai?a sarun?s ir ?oti svar?ga, nepiecieshama un pat vajadz?ga. Darba teor?tiskaj? da?? tiek aprakst?ta sarunu anal?ze, apskat?ts, k? t? iedal?s, un par?d?tas t?s galven?s iez?mes. T?p?c t? izp?ta t?s lietoshanas galvenos principus. ?sum? t? apraksta ar? ?erme?a valodas iez?mes, kas tiek izmantotas run?t?ja mai??. Darba praktisk? da?a p?ta run?t?ja mai?as pielietojam?bu audio un photograph kaset?s ierakst?taj?s intervij?s. Saska?? ar p?t?juma rezult?tiem tika konstat?ts, ka liel?k? da?a cilv?ku bie i vien atpaz?st sign?lus, kas nor?da otra cilv?kam k?rtu run?t, tom?r da reiz vi?i izliekas nepaman?m tos. Kad m?ca ang?u valodu, vajadz?tu piev?rst divk?rshu uzman?bu run?t?ja mai?as noz?m?gumam ierosin?t, uztur?t un pabeigt sarunu. Abstract         The present paper d eals with speak confabulation analysis and one of its subthemes - turn-taking. The research paper aims at proving that turn-taking is in truth important, necessary and needed in conversation. The divinatory part describes what b bely discourse analysis is, how it is divided and what are its main features. Therefore, it explores the main principles of using it. Briefly it also depicts the form language utilize in turn-taking. The practical part investigates the wont of speaking turns in recorded interviews on audio and video tapes. The results showed that the majority of heap often recognize turn-taking signals, however, sometimes they do not appear to notice them. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All cust   om essays are written by professional writer!   s!
The view of the importance of turn-taking in initiating, maintaining and closing conversation, it should be paid due attention when dogma English. Table of Contents Introduction          1 Chapter 1 cackle Analysis          2 1.1.         Written Discourse          2 1.2.          communicate Discourse          3 1.3.         Differences mingled with Spoken and Written Discourse          3 Chapter 2 Main verbal description of Turn-Taking          5 Chapter 3 Meaning of Gestures in Conversational... If you want to get a bountiful essay, order it on our website:

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