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Business of Being Born Essay

There is a culture of â€Å"women-only† that runs rampant in spaces for pregnant women. Much of the talk is about how valuable women find the support of other women. It also excludes men from the process and experience of pregnancy, as much as they can experience it. Overall the film focuses on the fact that women have been told they’re not responsible for their birth. Katsi Cook, a Mohawk women and Native women’s health activist said she â€Å"believes that the relationship of trust and respect between a woman and her midwife empowers the woman to ask questions and obtain the information she needs to make real choices about her health and life. (The Mother’s Milk Project, 611) In the film, Ricki Lake wanted to explore women’s â€Å"rite of passage,† by giving the power back to the women. There’s this idea since hospitals are a business that once they â€Å"facilitate† an intervention has been started and it becomes a domino effect after that. When these interventions have started, the questions: â€Å"what’s best for the baby? † â€Å"Is the baby going to benefit from this or not? † need to be well thought out. According to Overview of Maternity, â€Å"medical evidence shows that the routine use of unnecessary interventions put mothers and babies at risk. In the film Marsden Wagner M. D. , stated that there is no history of worthy obstetrical practices and careful studies of the long-term effects of the interventions. The United States has gotten away from midwifery starting in 1955, only 1% of births took place at home. The culture shift portrayed midwives as â€Å"vestige of the old country. † Midwives were understood as dirty, ignorant and illiterate. Now midwives are often perceived as unprepared. Once doctors started graduating from medical school, business took over the birthing process. Births then went into the hospitals and midwives did not follow. The concept of normal changed. Midwives often lack available and affordable malpractice insurance; because of this midwives are then perceived â€Å"inferior† to physicians. Overview of Maternity states â€Å"Midwives recognize birth as a normal, natural process and support the use of less invasive techniques, such as position changes, waiting, hydrotherapy, and perinatal support, that carry fewer risks to mothers and babies and are usually more effective. † Another effect the culture has on the lack of midwives is when the culture as a whole insinuates that birth s scary and dangerous. Yes, there will always be some sort of risks when it comes to birth. However, that is where I believe technology has had a positive effect on birth. More than less, we are now able to detect the dangers ahead of time. The film associates the amount of trust we put into hospitals and technology is reflected upon our infant-mortality rate. Our neonatal statistics are not the greatest. In the film midwives and hospitals are not looked to blame. It is our diverse population that distorts those statistics in where we stand in the world. The argument presented in this film to revitalize midwifery focused generally on the idea of pain suffered during birth was the only way to feel accomplished and provide love for their baby. However, I completely disagree. Women that undergo C-sections and even families that adopt can have the same amount of love for their children as the women that endure pain during birth do. Normal births are not medical issues, yet they may turn into life threatening issues within seconds. Not all women are the same, they have different difficulties, and some even have disabilities that impact their birthing process. Which then increases the risks. According to Overview of Maternity, â€Å"Research shows that midwives are the safest birth attendants for most women, with lower infant and maternal mortality rates and fewer invasive interventions such as episiotomies and surgical births (cesareans). † Optimum outcome of the mother and child is based on how open to suggestions we are with midwives and patient satisfaction. The validity of your options must always be questioned. The safety of the birthing process is going to vary depending on the training, patient choice, and circumstances on geographical constraints.

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How is Iago Presented In Act 1 Of “Othello” Essay

â€Å"Othello† was a play written by William Shakespeare in 1603. This play is a tragedy written in iambic pentameter, with a noble hero named Othello and a devious villain called Iago. Iago changes the story for the worst as he causes Othello to commit suicide and murder his loyal wife because of his fatal flow which is jealousy. The opening of the play confuses the audience for Iago and Roderigo are arguing over Desdemona. The audience may also be confused for they don’t know who the characters are and why they are having this discussion. The confusion and chaos in the play is related to when Queen Elizabeth died for this is how the country felt at the time and were in the middle of a controversy. They may also be shocked when the performance first starts for on stage would have been the first black male performer as there was a lot of prejudice at the time. Act 1 scene 1 begins with an argument between Iago and Roderigo as this was an effective way to start a play as it gets the audience hooked, because they want to find out what they are arguing about. Iago is Shakespeare’s villain and the audience almost immediately become aware of this hence he has been taking money from a character named Roderigo. This is because Iago was accepting money from him to try and persuade Desdemona to meet Roderigo. We can show this for he says â€Å"That thou, Iago, who hast my purse as if the strings were thine†. This shows that Iago can manipulate people very easily he feels he is like a puppeteer been able to have control people. This may make the audience feel sympathetic for Roderigo because he has been duped by his trusted friend. Shakespeare is presenting Iago immediately in a negative light for he contrasts him with the well spoken Roderigo. We also know that theatre was the best kind of entertainment in the early 1600s. However, also in act I scene I, Shakespeare allows the audience to feel some sympathy for Iago because he loses his position of lieutenant to Michael Cassio. We can show this as he says â€Å"I have already chose my officer.† And what was he? Forsooth, a great arithmetician,. One Michael Cassio, a Florentine. That never set a squadron in the field, nor the division of a battle knows more than a sinister-unless the bookish theatrics†. At this  part the audience start to feel sorry for Iago because it should have been him who got the promotion. Othello knows that Iago can fight well in battle as it quotes â€Å"And I of whom his eyes had seen the proof at Rhodes, at Cyprus and on other grounds†. This makes the audience confused on why Othello gave the position to Cassio and not Iago. In the text it says â€Å"Forsooth, a great arithmetician† showing that Cassio is intelligent, however not strong in battle. In the first scene, Iago states â€Å"It is as sure as you are Roderigo, Were the moor, I would not be Iago, In following him, I follow myself† which is showing that he doesn’t follow Othello’s orders and makes his own decisions in what he thinks is right. Later, he says â€Å"I am not what I am† which insists that he is following Othello as a loyal, honest friend when the audience, myself and Roderigo know the true side to him. This is shown because Iago and Roderigo wake Brabantio up in the middle of the night by shouting vulgar comments at his window. They awake Brabantio by saying â€Å"Awake! What, ho, Brabantio! Thieves! Thieves! Look to your house, your daughter, and your bags! Thieves! Thieves!†. This shows the audience that they both have no respect, even though Brabantio is a senator. We know this because Iago says to Roderigo â€Å"Do, with like timorous accent and dire yell as when, by night and negligence, the fire is spied in populous cities†. This shows the audience that Iago can get people to do anything he wants them to do, backing up the point that he is like a puppeteer. By awaking brabantio in the middle of the night and saying â€Å"Look to your house, your daughter†, it would make him check that Desdemona is in the bed, but as she is absent from the house, this would expose desdemona’s secret to her father. The audience would also feel shocked and disgusted in Iago and Roderigo for they are grown men and are showing a low level of maturity. Iago later shouts â€Å"Even now, very now, an old black ram is tupping your white ewe† insisting that Othello and Desdemona are having sexual intercourse at this moment in time. The audience can now see that Iago is rude, arrogant, foul mouthed and has low social class. In this scene Shakespeare presents Iago as a devious and manipulative man. One way he does this is that Iago sets up a confrontation between Roderigo and Brabantio, then slyly walks of leaving Roderigo to bear the brunt of  Brabantio`s anger. However, Iago’s ultimate aim is to get revenge on Othello because he gave his promotion to Michael Cassio, even though he is far better in battle and has proved this when Iago says â€Å"Of whom his eyes had seen the proof at Rhodes, at Cyprus and on other grounds†. This shows that Othello has seen that he rightfully deserved the position of lieutenant. In act I scene I, Iago is twisting Brabantio’s mind and poisoning it with hatred towards Othello in order to make Brabantio urge to cause trouble for him. I think this shows the audience that Iago being cowardly because instead of facing up to Othello and speaking to him about his disagreement for he makes Brabantio and Roderigo work for him. He does this so he doesn’t get his trust put into question by Othello. This could also lead to him being called a traitor. He is also represented as being manipulative with this quote, â€Å"As if the strings were thine† saying that he is like a puppeteer with control over whoever he chooses which later in the play, his skills will pay off as his plan comes into action by getting everyone against each other and it results in mass murder though suspicious Iago aroused. In addition, right at the end of act I scene I, Iago directs Roderigo in the direction of Othello making him in control of the situation showing how easily manipulated Roderigo is. Pace is built throughout the beginning of the first scene when Iago is making long speeches and rants about Othello. The pace rapidly increases when it gets to the point where Roderigo is under Iago’s spell and is convinced by what he is saying. This is when Iago encourages him to tell Brabantio about Othello and Desdemona, â€Å"Call up her father, rouse him†. As soon as Roderigo agrees and begins to wake Brabantio, Iago’s confidence rises as he knows he has accomplished the first part of his devious scheme to get revenge on Othello. Tension is built during the first part of the scene when Iago is giving his monologue, it is an emotional speech and Roderigo learns a lot about him from it. For example, when he says â€Å"I wear my heart upon my sleeve†, we know he is not an honest, decent person. It is tense because Roderigo is confused about what to say as he is intimidated by Iago who is very arrogant and proud of himself. Towards the end of the scene, t he tension has eased and no one is anxious anymore because everything that needed to be said, has been. So in act I scene I, Iago isn’t everything he starts off as being represented as it would seem. We begin to believe his ploys of innocence and then they are greatly subverted and changed. Everything we are led to believe changes in minutes of reading as pity turns to hate, and friendship turns to duplicity and manipulation.

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You can choose any country but I recommend (Italy) Essay

You can choose any country but I recommend (Italy) - Essay Example Even though Europe claims to be having united identity the differences between neighboring countries can be much larger than countries across continents. Italy is diverse culturally, economically and politically (TDS 2012). The culture, administrative, geographic and economy (CAGE) distance framework helps the mangers to identify and assess the impact of distance on different industries. Cultural distance can impact trade (Ghemawat 2004) and language plays an important role. Italy’s language is unique and even though it is a part of Europe Union, English is not the predominant language in Italy. Italy is homogenous linguistically (TDS 2012). According to Ghemawat trade between countries that share a common language is much higher than between countries without a common language. Italy maintains political or administrative distance as it focuses on protecting its domestic industries. The government thereby does not encourage foreign direct investment (FDI) due to which cross-border competition is also limited. Competition leads to innovation and creativity but this remains unexplored in Italy. Divided into several regions, Italy has introduced some decentralization to the government machinery but the regional governments still seek additional powers. However, frequent government turnovers have left the political condition quite unstable in Italy. International trade has been impacted due to extensive corruption, massive government debts, and organized crime. The country has been besieged with political scandals. Because of poor government policies and institutional weakness, government involvement tends to be high in sectors such as electricity, farming and telecommunications (Ghemawat 2004). Because of the government policies in Italy cross-border competiti on is low which hinders growth and development. Geographically, however, Italy is well positioned as it has a huge coastline and is bounded by countries such as France,

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Igneous Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Igneous - Essay Example Igneous rocks are made when molten rock material called magma cools and solidifies. Magma may be thought of as a molten rock but it is not regularly a simple molten fluid. Nonetheless, it is rather a multifaceted blend of molten solid materials, for example, crystals, rocks, as well as dissolved vapor. Magma’s chemical composition and physical properties such as viscosity and density are all important factors that control magma’s overall behavior, for instance, how fast or slow it will move, how explosive it will be, what minerals will form in it, and their grain sizes and physical interrelationships. In terms of chemical composition, all magmas except rare carbonites are rich in carbonate component. They are also silicate magmas in which the dominant component is silica (SiO2), which generally comprises 45 % or more by weight. Alumina (Al2O3), with its abundance in common igneous rocks anywhere between 13 and 18 %, is at a distant second. Igneous rocks are categorized according to location, chemical composition, surface consistency, and mineralogy. Two significant factors used for the taxonomy of igneous rocks are the rock grain size, which largely depends on the cooling history, determines the texture and the mineral or chemical composition of the rock (Krebs, 2003 p. 95). The identification of these rocks is majorly done by texture. The grain consistency of volcanic rocks comprising the size, distribution of mineral grains, shape, orientation, and the intergranular relationships will decide if the rock is designated as simple or pyroclastic lava, or a tuff. Subsequently, it also determines what minerals are found in what kind of igneous rock. These are large rocks with mineral grains that are big enough to be identified by the eye. They are formed when magma slowly cools to form intrusive mafic igneous rocks. The well

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Energy Resource Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Energy Resource Plan - Essay Example Energy conservation is important because it is good for the environment and good for your wallet. Many exciting developments have occurred in the study of energy conservation over the past few decades. This is especially true in the field of renewable energy. Renewable energy is so named because it comes from sources that will not be depleted over time. Solar, wind and geothermal energy are all considered renewable energy sources. Non-renewable sources are carbon-based fuel sources such as coal, oil and natural gas. The shift towards using renewable energy resources for home needs is gaining momentum because it is less damaging to the environment and is becoming cost effective. All of us as members of the Home Owner’s Association can do some simple things to conserve energy. The first is to be sure that our homes are all insulated completely. This will ensure that heating and cooling systems are working to make homes comfortable, not trying to cool or heat outdoor air. The sec ond thing we can do is to work on installing the most energy efficient appliances, furnaces and air conditioners. These may be more expensive in up-front cost, but will pay themselves off over the years in energy savings. Finally, we can all begin to consider incorporating renewable energy resources in our home energy system.

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Paper based on instruction (READ CAREFULLY) Essay

Paper based on instruction (READ CAREFULLY) - Essay Example The first piece is a book written by Naomi Wolf entitled â€Å"The Beauty Myth.† The book gained significant amount of popularity after it was published in 1991. It discusses the backlashes of feminism. Wolf states, â€Å"The contemporary backlash is so violent because the ideology of beauty is the last one remaining of the old feminine ideologies that still has the power to control†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Wolf, 1991, p.487). Wolf claims that society has set a standard about beauty that still holds women imprisoned up to this age. In Alex Pham’s article entitled â€Å"Boy, You Fight Like a Girl,† the author describes the current trend of online gamers who play characters representing the opposite gender. He describes that such trend provides an opportunity to experiment the crossing of genders. These two pieces of information will be analyzed in order to come up with an insight regarding how women are still trapped in the issue of physical looks in both the eyes of femal es and males. Claims Both authors claims that there is still an issue regarding the perception of society on women. Wolf claims that after the supposedly triumph of feminist groups in 1970s, women were able to acquire a certain form of equality with men that allowed them to â€Å" gain(ed) legal and reproductive rights, pursue(ed) higher education, enter(ed) the trades and the professions, and overturn(ed) ancient and revered beliefs about their social role† (Wolf, 1991, p.486). However, Wolf states that despite these seeming freedom and newly founded rights, women did not truly feel so free after all. She claims this statement two decades after the triumph of feminism. It is said that after breaking through the power structure that had once been oppressive to women, â€Å"the more strictly and heavily and cruelly images of female beauty have come to weigh upon us† (Wolf, 1991, p.486). Accordingly, one could look at Pham’s article where he states, â€Å"Female characters generally get treated better in the male-dominated world of virtual adventuring† (Pham, 2001). This may sound like something good coming from men. However, Pham also states that if someone uses a female character, they â€Å"must constantly brush off unwanted advances, and their female characters are not taken as seriously† (Pham, 2001). It does not sound so good after all. These statements clearly say that there is something wrong about society’s perception of the female gender. Approaches Wolf is known as an advocate of the modern day feminists. Her book would have made a strong impact had it not targeted only those who have a strong feminist side. Wolf sometimes uses statements that may be deemed abrasive by the rest of the audience. For example, Wolf states â€Å"The affluent, educated, liberated women of the First World, who can enjoy freedoms unavailable to any women ever before, do not feel as free as they want to† (Wolf, 1991, p.486). In reading the book, one can actually say that Wolf presented the sides of her argument, but not the other side. Due to this, the book somewhat have an abrasive tone to it. Such approach to the argument is similar to Pham’s. In his article, Pham mainly addresses individuals who understand the virtual world

Being Left at Home or Being Sent to War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Being Left at Home or Being Sent to War - Essay Example According to Crane (28), despite the honor and heroism that comes with being sent to war, the army life was filled with horrors and rigors. This paper argues that it is more difficult to be sent to war than to be left at home. During wartimes such as the American civil war when many young Americans were faced with the dilemma of either being left at home or sent to war (Heiser 87). Many Americans particularly came to this realization that being sent to war is not romantic as they had previously thought after the American Civil War. Billings (56) suggests that one of the greatest difficulties faced by people who were left at home during war times was the fear of being seen as a coward. For example, throughout the civil war, the motivation of joining the army rather than being left at home is rather than being left at home is primarily driven by the instinct of self preservation and the desire to be seen as courageous like a classical Greek hero (Wiley 102). On the other hand, according to Crane (5), many parents and communities actually wanted their children to be sent to war and fight due to the heroism and honor attached to being in the battlefield even though being sent to war so often meant death. â€Å"I do not know what else to tell yeh, Henry, except that yeh must never do any shirking, child, on my account† (Crane 6). Although Henry’s mother was at first reluctant to allow his son enlist in the army, she advices him to meet his responsibilities and never to bring her shame even if it costs his life. â€Å"The line soon encountered a body of a dead soldier laying upon his back and staring at the sky. The corpse was dressed in an awkward brown suit and the youth could see that the soles of his shoes had been worn to the thinness of writing paper. Death exposed to his enemies the poverty which in life he may had concealed from his friends† (Crane 23).

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Discussion Board Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 9

Discussion Board - Essay Example This article hopes to examine the various techniques of literary and historical criticism as well as providing a solution for getting a clear presentation of the Bible. Historical criticism consists of various specialties such as tradition criticism, redaction criticism, form criticism, and source criticism. Form criticism concentrates on the numerous elements or features of the task and specifically concentrates on the oral transmission time. As its name indicates source criticism tries to recognize the applicable written sources employed by the author2. On the other hand, redaction criticism concentrate on the writers and tries to recognize the material the authors may have modified or added based on their specific theological viewpoints. Historical criticism is the employment of source, redaction, and form critique in combination to draw out the whole of the tradition. Literary criticism can be as easy as reading through the writing as one would read through a section of classical literature by determining literary background, devices, climax, etc. Nevertheless, a new kind of literary criticism claims for an engagement into the writing where a finding of significance happens in an encounter with God and thus prevents the small of historical criticism. Although the objectives of literary criticism appear authentic, it led to various excessive conditions such as deconstructionism, which suggested that meaning was not available in the writing alone. It was of the view that meaning was only available through an exchange between the writing and the reader. Deconstructionism normally led to the reader-response concept, which in its extreme has left the meaning wholly to the reader3. The dimensions of historical criticism have the potential of resulting in an atomistic display that may entirely skip the meaning of the writing by concentrating on the section thus

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Contingency Planning in Action Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Contingency Planning in Action - Term Paper Example In case the initial plan does not work out, the organization should have already identified an alternative to curb the risk (Doughty, K. 2001). The risks should first be identified and prioritized in order of the impacts they could have to the organization. Plan development should be the next step where certain guidelines such as definition of time periods should be done. The next step should be maintenance of the plan; it should be kept practical and relevant. Rephox is an organization based in India. It has its headquarters in Mumbai and a branch in Delhi. The organization has fifty employees in total, thirty of which work at the headquarters and the rest work in Delhi. It is an organization that provides auditing and accounting services. It helps its clients with cost accounting systems, preparation of financial statements, financial reporting, internal audits and services that provide assurance. The organization depends on technology for the provision of their services to clients. It has systems that protect information systems which comply with regulatory requirements. The organization provides information controls for the reduction of costs and gaining of competitive advantage. It uses professional accreditations where personnel handling the information systems must qualify. The business faces certain threats which include internet insecurity. Internet and firewall threats also exist where viruses may infect the audit systems through online services. There is also network and data insecurity threat when transferring information from the branch to the headquarters and vice versa. The organization’s systems might be hacked into and security details such as passwords and biometric controls interfered with. The wide area network for the organization may be interfered with affecting the clients’ servers. The mission of the organization is to serve public interest. This is done by contribution to development of standards and guidance of

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See order instructions Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

See order instructions - Case Study Example Whichever way the debate goes, the obvious fact is that in manning the college sports, the NCAA earns a lot of revenue and as such, a little token of appreciation would be necessary to the contributing athletes. This paper will argue that the NCAA has been unfair to college athletes, and since it benefits in many ways from college games, college athletes should receive part of the income just like employee athletes of the body do. The tussle between the NCAA and the college athletes make headlines in April when the Northwestern University Basketball players presented the National Labor Relations Board with a proposal to form a union. The idea of the union is to protest against the NCAA which does not treat them like employee athletes. The debate was further ignited by government officials stating that the NCAA was in no way liable to the students since they were not recognized as employees of the body. The reiterations further claimed that the students should be awarded by their colleges since it is they who benefit most from participating in the games. Normally, the only rewards offered to successful college athletes are scholarships, medical covers, and expert coaching. According to Bowen (n.p.), the students’ demands are deep-rooted, largely being influenced by the fact that schools themselves have to struggle much to make more money out of sports. Again, it seems like coaches of college teams are t he biggest beneficiaries, reaping from the students’ games more than they do. For instance, the coach of the University of Kentucky basketball team makes approximately $5.5 million every season. Broadcasters on their part make an approximate $1 billion off the games. This happens even as schools try to accommodate more tournaments and games every season just so their athletes can be better exposure and earn some rewards from their skills. One

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Islamophobia Essay Example for Free

Islamophobia Essay Islamophobia is controversy term that refers to perjudice and discrimination of Islam and muslim. It become more popular after attack of 11/9. Now, i’ll tell you about 11/9 issues, which is the series of 4 suicided attack organised by Al-Qaeda on the United states in 11 of september 2001. In that morning, 19 al-qaeda’s seized four passengers jet. And the hijackers intentionally crassh the 2 plane into PWTC in city of newyork. Thus, this tragedy had killed all passengers and most of the workers in the building involved. Both of towers collapsed within 2hours. Suspicion quickly fell on the al-Qaeda’s leader which is Osama bin Laden at that time. As we know that alQaeda such a muslims organization. Based on what had happened to american in this tragedy made the outsiders phobia to Islam and think that Islam suched a terrorist religion. I can give you one opinion of a British journalis in the indipendent, Johan Harry. He argues that authentic Islamophobia exist and consist of the nation that is a uniquely evil religon, more definitly war, like a fanantical than cristianity or budism or others. For more clear, let me tell you about a hindustan movies My Name Is Khan and I’m sure some of you have heard about this movie. The story about Rizwan Khan charactered by Shah Rukh Khan which is a sindrom Asperger. He’s meet his love in america state with a widow, mandira who is have a son named Sam. When they decided to married. Name’s of Sam should be change to Sameer Khan. And the name of khan create a prejudice Islam-christian. Until sameer Khan had been killed at the middle of the field in america by his friends. This is clearly shown the feelings of scared in american until they have to killed their own friends. In 1997 the British RunnymedeTrust defined that Islamophobia is as dread and hatred of Islam and let to the fear and dislike of all muslims. Stating that it also refers to the practise of discriminating againts muslims by excluding them from economic, social, pilitics and public life of the nation. It includes the perception that Islam has no values in common with other cultures is interior to the west and also is violent political ideology rather than a religion. The Runnymede report contrasted open and closed views of Islam, and stated that the following eight closed views are equated with Islamophobia: 1. Islam is seen as a monolithic bloc, static and unresponsive to change. 2. It is seen as separate and other. It does not have values in common with other cultures, is not affected by them and does not influence them. 3. It is  seen as inferior to the West. It is seen as barbaric, irrational, primitive, and sexist 4. It is seen as violent, aggressive, threatening, supportive of terrorism, and engaged in a clash of civilizations.

Individual Food Intake Essay Example for Free

Individual Food Intake Essay After using the food assessment tool at I found that my daily intake of food was not sufficient for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many of my goals were not achieved or were overachieved. This assessment revealed an imbalance in my eating habits. Like many Americans I am on the run and constrained by time. Going to school and working fulltime often forces me to eat quickly and make hurried choices. Often my choices are not in my best health interest but rather based on what is fast. When I have time, I tend to try to make better eating decisions but this is not sufficient for a good diet. In accordance with the Food Guide Pyramid I fell short in many areas of necessary consumption and went over in other areas. For the three day period I went over in grains (14.5 oz.) and over in proteins (10.5 oz.). I was insufficient with vegetables (1 cup), fruits (3/4 cup), and dairy (1 cup). What I found disturbing was that the bulk of the items I went over on was not balanced across three days but was instead committed on one to two days of the tracker. This means that on one day I had reached limits. This could be seen clearly on the third day and specifically with regard to lunch and my numbers jumped dramatically. I believe that I need to reshape my diet around the six classes of nutrients. The six nutrients include: 1. Water 2. Carbohydrates 3. Proteins 4. Fats 5. Vitamins 6. Minerals Each of the six nutrients is necessary in varying degrees in the body. Using the Food Pyramid I can identify the levels of nutrient intake and then  design my diet in accordance with balancing these numbers. For example, I eat a banana each day but this only provides me with a portion of the fruit intake I need and thereby cuts down on the vitamins and minerals I receive. By increasing my fruit intake I can increase this number but this is only part of the solution. I need to add more variety of food which will better encompass the wide range of nutrients needed. For example, strawberries and blueberries could be added to my diet and this would increase antioxidant intake as well as vitamins such as C. It is not just fruit intake that would need to be altered in this way; vegetables and meats also need to be examined. The intake of green vegetables would help to increase vitamin A, foliate, and iron, among other essentials. By expanding my varieties of foods I can incorporate this into my diet, as well as the elimination of certain types of foods could be used to increase nutrient intake such as removing the fast food burger in lieu of leaner fish which contains higher levels of Omega 3 and better quality proteins. Leaner meats that do not require heavy cooking also require less energy for the body to process and provide more useful calories. By modifying my diet in accordance with the Food Pyramid, I believe I can become healthier. The key is to determine the different foods that I will need to incorporate into my diet and to find the quantity that balances my caloric intake. For this I will need to do some research because I still need my diet to be somewhat convenient as well as nutritionally balanced. I believe it should also be mentioned that the level of fats that are taken in should be monitored as well, because almost a third of my diet was empty calories which had no nutritional value. There was also a very high sodium intake and my saturated fats were over the limit. These issues present many long term concerns which need to be addressed. This diet failure also explains my feelings of fatigue and my propensity for illnesses. My body has simply not been receiving the nutrients and levels that it needs to properly function. By watching these numbers I should be able to increase energy and make sure that my future health is strong. I also need to watch what I consume because my mother has had colon cancer, so the healthier I eat the  chances are less that I will contract that cancer. References Contemporary Nutrition, WileyPLUS ®, iProfile

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Motion Control Techniques In Visual Effects Industry Film Studies Essay

Motion Control Techniques In Visual Effects Industry Film Studies Essay In this research we will see the motion control rigs and its contribution to create the realistic movement of the camera with help of the computer softwares. Though it is very difficult at the student level to create such a rig and experiment with it with the available budget I will try to build a motion control rig and control it with the help of the computer programming. It is a long process. The main advantage of the motion control rig is it is able to reproduce the same movement very accurately in a short period of time which is highly impossible for human hand to achieve. This report will contain the information about the motion control rig and its uses with advantages over the traditional camera cinematography to achieve the visual effects in the film. Introduction Motivation The filmy camera action which is solely dependent on the work and instincts of the cinematographer is very difficult work and if you want to shoot the same scene with same action and the camera movement it is highly impossible to achieve that with a traditional camera work. Even if you try to create that action in the computer graphics software it is very difficult and time taking process, which requires too many efforts to achieve the goal. The main disadvantage of that is if you are not able to do it perfectly it can spoil all the work, time and money invested because the film wont look like as you have imagined finally. So its a big loss of the everyones work process. The most recent technological improvement to solve the problem which too many studios are facing is they are developing their own hardwares and motion control rigs which can be controlled by the computer systems and can store the movement of the camera which a cameraman is handling physically. So the person can achieve whatever motion he wants repeatedly that to naturalistic. But everyone cant afford these all the things to do and the person who is doing that must have sound knowledge of all the departments to build a motion control rig which needs to be done by experts. So subject is if this motion control system can be used at an affordable price to explore the ideas by the low budget and new comers film makers to experiment with visual effects. Definition of Motion Control In our day to day life if we go and check out the technology related to the entertainment segment you might hear very complex terms as multipass , go motion, slit scan, streaking which you might not be aware of but you have actually seen it on the screen in the movies and TV advertisements for example the Star Wars etc. The technology of the Motion control system is developed for the need of creating the visual effects and animation and to have more control over it with the help of the computer programs. So motion control is the medium of technology to combine all the elements needed to create the amazing world of the special effects. As you are controlling the motion of the camera with help of the computer programs you have more options and ideas to create a movement is an added advantage. The main advantage of the motion control systems that it repeats the same action with great accuracy and that is the reason this technology is being favored nowadays by most of the film makers. Many of us may argue with possibility that the actions which we can shoot easily with the motion control systems can be shoot by the traditional cameraman with the efforts but the accuracy level of that action wont be the same at any level that shot been produced because we are shooting it with human hands with some limitations. And also it takes more time for completing the shot if you do it manually. The main motive of using the motion control system is to produce the naturalistic camera movement within a short time and at the affordable cost to get the amazing output for the films.. Motion control, is the foundation upon which maximum visual effects work stands (Alex Alvarez, Director at Gnomon) In this research report the main area of study is to explore the techniques used in the motion control systems and how those are far better than the traditional methods of shooting for creation of the visual effects. The literature study for the motion control systems will include the history of the motion control system and need for it and the future of the same. We will also focus on the use of the different cameras to be used on the motion control rigs and how that helps in the pre visualization stage previously. The last part of my research will conclude the main motive for this dissertation is how this technology gives more control and plays a vital role and also how it is a great tool or opportunity for the low budget film makers and new comers to create the new world of the visual effects. Motion control the name itself derives that it is meant to be use to get control over the motion or movement which can be the change in the position of the camera or might be the rotation of the axis of the camera in the space. As explained above if we wish to create the wonderful world of the special effects it is the need to be accurate with our actions at the stage of the production while shooting the footage. This is the place where exactly the motion control plays the most important role to give the accurate and the repetition of the action or movement. But in earlier times because of lack of the knowledge and technology the reliability of the Motion control systems was an issue and the reason for not getting its credit for its vital role in the production stage. If you try out and go back to history you will find the only other option to create the spectacular special effects is to use the computer softwares and the virtual cameras in that which is highly complicated and a very much time consuming process which also requires the expertise in the softwares. The Significance of Motion Control to the Film Industry The significance and importance of motion control to the film industry, includes the research done with help of the literature and industry news along with views of the professional people in interviews. The people had very different views regarding the role of the motion control systems in the movies as well as its necessity to the industry. After doing this research I came to an approach that if you really wish to the movie with motion control rig it should be built very professionally and with quality materials or else if you do it with the temporary basis structure it is not reliable at any point to create the good output as you have expected or imagines with a waste of money and time. The importance of the motion control systems for the film industry should be observed and clarified on the basis of its previous success and the failure reports and not on the persons likes and dislikes about the use of the technology. You can see the impact of the movies recently made on the viewers minds because of the spectacular world of the special effects is because of the use of the motion control system. I would say it is not the most important aspect as before use of motion control systems, films were made just fine but it gives film makers more options with what they can do with cameras (M. Thompson, personal communication, March 25, 2010). Here the point to be noted is that technology is not the ultimate source but just the medium that it helps to tell the story in a very different and a strong perspective. That is the contribution of the motion control systems to the film industry. Motion control has given too much freedom to control the movement of the cameras while shooting. If you go back to history and check out if the films which were the greatest hits of all the times with the spectacular special effects would never have been possible without use of technology of the motion control system. So you can imagine the really ordinary version of the Star Wars with the usual special effects as in any TV serials. Because of the strong advantages of the motion control system nowadays it has started to make its own place now in the production pipeline of the VFX film industry very rapidly. And this is the need for the todays style of filmmaking as it is the different and very strong medium to convey the story in more beautiful way. The difference between a failed shot and a spectacular shot can often boil down to the camera movement (A. Hargreaves, personal communication, March 31, 2010). Research Questions and hypothesis 1. Reason for Using Motion Control Motion control is a system technology that enables the programming and repetition of the motion of the cameras very accurately .The advantage of this technology is we can shoot various special effects shots in very less time instantly, which are highly impossible to create without Motion Control or can only be possible to do using a non-moving camera. With the help of Motion control we can get really natural and stunning looking shots like we want to move the camera in a scene to follow a pattern of subject or an action, so it plays a very vital role while shooting. I will give one example of the special effect which is pretty simple as a scene including a guy is just walking on a road and gradually starts disappeared into air while walking. This is can be done by shooting 2 takes. In the first take the guy will walk on the road and in the second take will be the road. In the process of editing the editor will take the two takes and will merge with each other slowly so that it appear s like a guy is disappeared in the air. This kind of shot is quite simple to achieve only if the camera is steady, but when there is the movement of camera this shot is not possible without the Motion Control because the 2 takes shot will not match in perspective and speed so we cannot merge it. Like this with the motion control we can shoot innumerable scenes of the special effects. 2. Use of motion Control in live action films In live action films we have to concentrate on too many things at a time. Motion control system can repeat the camera movement properly and accurately which includes change of focus, zooming and sometimes to control the lights so all important work is done by the motion control rig so the director can focus on the actors mainly and their acting without any worry about camera movements and continuity. This is a very beneficial reason for using motion control rig as it saves money and also the time. This is more useful when you have hired very talented actors you can set up all the settings and camera movements so when the actors come on the sets you can start the shoot right away for saving the time. 3. Setting up a movement on a Motion Control System Since many years people and technicians have developed various methods for setting up the movements on the Motion control rig. Which I understood I have divided them in parts for better understanding. 1) Direct enter movement-Traditionally the person has a remote control to control the rig and he sets it up at the position from which he wants to start and fix the position by the remote control. After fixing the start position he will move the rig to next position where he intends it to be at and again with remote control he saves that place. This king of camera movement setup gives movement along 3 points. Usually to shoot any shot 2 to 5 points is necessary. Those points on the motion path are joined by the computer using software. While setting up this move the person decides for that scene the number of frames to be taken and with which speed the camera should move. Then you can be ready for the shooting. 2)The Mimic movement-For this movement a hardware is available which allows the person to set up the movement by pushing the rig like crane or dolly and with the help of wheels to record the movement been done. As soon as the movement has been set you can repeat it at your desirable speed like other movements. Whenever a director wants the hand held feel for the movement or for the unpredictable behaviors for animals make use of this hardware to set up a movement. 3) The movement imported from CGI packages- If you are friendly with CG software as Softimage/Xsi and Maya you can decide and create the own movement and import those in the motion control system. With the help of this you can do very unique and complicated movements also. 4. Advantages of the Motion Control in Post production Post production part of the film depends on the very well shot scenes. Motion Control is behind the scenes master for the special effects which enables the scenes from the physical world to be merged and layered with the software help and effects. Motion control is a production device because of this all the people give more importance and credit for the special effects to the computer graphics software but cant understand that without the important role of the motion control footage these special effects wouldnt have been so special. The additional advantage of using the motion control is that it gives the accurate movements and perspective so it becomes easy to export that to software directly so that the scenes can be composed and merged together very easily. 5. Accuracy count of the Motion Control The movement of the each axis which is controlled motion is measured to an extent of micron level which is done with the help of optical encoders the electronic machines attached to the motors which is too fine extent that is visible to eyes. Due to the heat generated by the heavy and bright lights the metals with which the rigs are made up of tend to expand. As the measurement is too small it affects the calculation. But this doesnt happen so often. 6. Tracking verses Motion Control The calculation which the tracking gives for the position of camera in space is derivable only forms 2d footage. The condition on which the foreground and background elements can be merged with the live action footage is position and path of the camera. In motion control system first we shoot with the rig and then calculate the camera path movement and export it to the software. As the motion control camera system is aware of the position of the camera in space very accurately its very simple, convenient and faster to export the data to the softwares. The need for the motion control cannot be deleted by the tracking concept because of its accuracy and complicated camera movements. Motion control is the one and only one solution for the desired result of multiple pass scenes. The concept of tracking is heavily dependent on the fixed markers in the background to calculate the movement of the camera path. Sometimes these markers are difficult to see because the markers wont be in focus or they will be out of the frame so it wont work out according to wish. Actually we can use the previous tracking data calculation to export it to the motion control path of the camera which can be available as element for the foreground in live action shoot. This can be useful in the film industry especially for new comers to experiment the old moves with new technology again. 7. Benefit of Motion Control in pre visualization The significance of the pre visualization of the shot while designing and planning the film is increasing day by day. Pre visualization gives the perspective of the producer, director and cinematographer of the look of the final scene. The pre visualization stage eliminates the chances of the heavy and costly mis understandings, helps to prepare the shot, enables the set designers to calculate the space for the sets, positioning of the sets, enables the cameraman for the better understanding of the lights to be used in a scene, so ultimately it saves the time and lots of money. So the camera movement which can be fixed like this can be directly given to the motion control camera system rig as it has been visualized previously in the pre visualization stage. 8. List of cameras can be used on Motion control rig The motion control rig can handle most number of the film cameras with different sizes and weights. The cameras best suitable for the motion control are as follows- 1. Fries Mitchell 2. Mitchell 3. Arri 435s 4. Arri IIIs 5. Movie cam 6. Compacts 7. Panavision 8. Broadcast video cameras and camcorders 9. HD video cameras. 9. Different motion control systems The 1st is named as Cyclops which is studio based motion control system. This is considered as the best suitable system for motion control. It has unique qualities as it is extremely rigid, it can attain the high speed motion around 4 m/s and also can attain the high heights as more than 7m lens. The 2nd one is named as Milo which is a large system with portability. The main advantage of its design that it can be easily moved from one location to other comfortably because you can build it very quickly compared to other rigs and also dismantles it easily. It can give speed very closer to the speeds of the Cyclops, but it cant attain that much height as it is very small. The Milo has another option for the longer reach is that it has a longer arm. But the point of concern is it is not as rigid as the Cyclops. The 3rd one is named as Juno. It is the smallest rig, which is portable as well. It has a fixed arm. It contains a head with parallelogram to keep it to the level. The advantage of its design that can be easily accommodate in a very less space which can fit thorough the standard doorways. So because of this advantage you can shoot comfortably I the commercial complexes and buildings. As compared to Milo it has less height and reach than Milo. 10. Reliability of the Motion Control System While designing the motion control rigs the main concern is always the reliability. If you go and check out the pages from history you will get to know that people had misbelieve in the motion control systems because of the failure of the equipment to work at the proper time when needed. That got the motion controls very bad names in few countries because of many home made motion control systems assembled to give quick and cheap deals to satisfy the persons needs at that time. When we are shooting the quality product we cant deal with such thing to compromise with reliability of the parts. So regularly it should maintain and if any issues they can be solved quickly and completely. Cyclops and Milo rigs have got the very good name and reliability in the film industry. Background History Overview of Motion Control Motion Control and the computer used to control require different calculations or work processes. Even though these processes come from different areas of research they quickly became linked for purposes such as VFX. The US defense department first developed the concept of motion control for use in missile guidance systems. The earliest VFX use of motion control is perhaps in 1985 at the famous NYIT graphics lab Tom Brigham and J.P. Lewis implemented a rig (Seymour, M. 2004) The advancements in technology as well as developments in CPU and graphics speed started to make video editing and VFX production possible to the film industry. In a storytelling process person needs to show too many imaginary illusions to convey the story more beautifully. To show and express these illusions we have been gifted with one technology that is term called as special effects, which are usually used in film, television, theater, or entertainment industries. The concept of Special effects is categorized divided into the parts named as of optical effects and mechanical effects. As the years passed the film industry has grown with too many technologies mainly the digital techniques because of which we are now enable to realize the difference between the special effects and visual effects. The visual effects mean the one which are created during the process of the post production digitally. The special effect means those are created with the help of the cameras mechanically on the sets while shooting. The computer graphics has been playing important role with special effects from the period of 1990s.The main advantage of the computer graphics is that it allows the filmmakers to get rid of the traditional limitations to create the effects and gives more control over it which is more convenient and fine to achieve with the help of this technique. This technology saves money and time both at the greater extents many of the special effects which we used to create mechanically are went to lower hand by the computer graphics. The first motion picture special effect to be considered as was the time in 1857 when Oscar Gustave Fletcher Rejlander combined the different parts of the 32 photographs in one image. The first commonly granted special effect in the industry was in 1895 by Alfred Clark .At the time of shooting for a reenactment of the beheading of Mary, Queen of Scots an instruction of to step up to the block in Marys costume was given to the actor. In that scene when the executioner came with the axe above his head, the camera was stopped, he told all the actors to freeze, and instructed the person playing Mary to go off the set. Then the trick was replacement of the dummy in Marys place instead of the actor. Then the next shot was the axe coming down to cut the head of the dummy by the executioner. Suchà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ techniques would remain at the heart of special effects production for the next century (Rickitt). Special effects technology was grown and reconstructed by the motion pictures company in the period of the 1920s and 1930s. Most of the effects techniques were created and improvised the methods of illusions from the background of the theaters like ghosts made up of papers and still photography like as double exposure and matte compositing. The idea was to use the painted backgrounds as the projections and to replace them with the moving pictures. In those times they used to create faces with life casting with the help of the usual mask making. They used to create awesome masks which would fit the actor perfectly. After the science of materialization improved and that gave more depth for horror film mask making. The greatest evolution for the special effects was the amazing success of the science fiction and fantasy films in 1977.The film Star Wars created by George Lucass unlashed an era of fantasy films with expensive and awesome special effects. That times special effects supervisor was John Dykstra, A.S.C.He and his crew did many improvements in technology. For the movies needs they created a motion controlled camera rig named as Dykstraflex. It created the wonders at that time as repetition of the motion which drastically enhanced the compositing the matte. The film images went through the process of the degradation by the use of other innovative techniques: For the widescreen images photography that to horizontal with the stock they used the cameras named Vista vision on that rig .They used the more length of the film per frame rate and for the compositing part they used thin films with emulsions. In the same year, the movie named Close Encounters of the Third Kind creation of Steven Spielberg burst out with amazing special effects. Those were the creation of veteran Douglas Trumbull. They developed their own motion control rig system. They also introduced the term lens flare which is intentional and created by the reflection of light in the camera lenses. That was intentionally done to create the shapes of the flying saucers. The main reason for the investment in the special effects was the grand success of these films. That created so much buzz turned into opportunities for the special effects studios and the birth of the computer graphics. As the years passed the film industry has grown with too many technologies mainly the digital techniques because of which we are now enable to realize the difference between the special effects and visual effects. The visual effects mean the one which are created during the process of the post production digitally. The special effect means those are created with the help of the cameras mechanically on the sets while shooting. Methodology This dissertation researches the integration of motion control techniques in the film industry. As for the artefact itself, conclusions drawn from the research will provide guidance as well as technical knowledge. The information acquired from the interviews of industry active personnel in areas of motion control will create the basis of the shots. Each shot will have an in depth description of its particular approach and reasoning, as well as problems and techniques used to achieve a solid track. These approaches evaluate and support the information that has been derived from both primary and secondary research. Primary Research In order to receive relevant, accurate and up to date information, the primary research for the evaluation and interpretation of the research questions was based on contacts and interviews with industry professionals. These interviews were conducted in different manners according to the flexibility and time of these sources. These included email questionings, telephone conversations. Although the question order and wording may vary, all interviews contain similar areas of focus and question principles. The following individuals where included in the questioning: 1. Mr. Ramdas A. Dale (General Manager Productions, Amtek Engineers PVT LTD.) 2. Mr. Rahul S. Sharma ( The questions asked were specifically designed to not only aid with specific techniques needed to produce an artifact, but also to highlight any problem areas that might be encountered during use of motion control rig in a professional environment. The main area of research discussed in the introduction of this paper still stands and the key investigation into The integration of motion control system in the film industry remains. Evaluating Primary research The primary research conducted by these questions was categorized into 6 subject areas. This approach was necessary in order to structure the information received for either secondary research approaches, or technique evaluation. The main headings of the primary research evolutions are: 1. The term Motion Control 2. Motion Control for VFX 3. The work of a motion control rig 4. Tricks and problems 5. The Importance of Motion Control to the Film Industry 6. The future of Motion Control Secondary Research The secondary research involves the assessment of motion control literature in order to support the primary research on a more technical level. The main methodology and reasoning for this research, is to show a good understanding of some subject areas discussed in the primary research, as well as how to use the motion control rig for low budget films. This will further aid in the understanding and problem solving. The technique of motion control is there since countable years but now is the time when this technology can be available in a affordable cost with which at least we can I mean low budget film makers can think of using it as a great tool for the shoot and experiment thoroughly. Earlier days the cost of a completely-featured computerized animation camera was up to Rs.90000000. Now a days the Motion control system is available for under Rs.540000.For shooting this type of work if you hire a camera it costs around Rs.3500 per hour and more and if you compare that with above price can consider as 270 hours of shoot with motion control. If you compare the shots per hour with motion control you can shoot 45 minutes of movie as the film camera will shoot 10-12 seconds of film in an hour. The motion control systems require the test shoots so if you count the final shooting output will be around 25 minutes. This is the reason you can think of getting your motion control rig which can pay for it in a comparatively less time. That has other side advantage of experimenting more on your own ideas for more time. The main advantage of using this technology is you can own less priced system and can get direct and great entry into more comprehensive and awesome field of TV and media. That too is a best opportunity to low-budget filmmakers who can improvise new and unique techniques. Newcomers can make most use of the camera productively and they save money for the studio who wants get a break in this industry. There are two options which are available for the shooting of the films. One is Cameraman and the other is motion control rig. Everyone one of them consists of the parts namely: the system, the added electronic devices to control the movement by the motors and computer softwares, the person controls the motors with the help of the systems to get the special effects. Each option uses the name of the brand and computer systems to get control over the movement of the axes, motion paths. Usually a cameraman will use the number of action will be and he uses a computer. In The motion control rig it consists of 3 or 6 or more axes to create the motion and it uses the computer systems as IBM or Apple. The package of the motion control rig and computer with which it can control 6 axes and computer software costs almost Rs.540000. The package of the Cameraman and computer system and motion along the 6 axes and computer software at the most about Rs.440000. The computer software package which the cameraman uses has more features like the streak mode along with fitting of curve. The other thing is the electronic devises he uses are made up of very simple design so the advantage is it has less maintenance. The studios with big budgets can be more comfortable and reliable with motion control rigs if they have a strong history of developing the large motion control systems and to work with them. Future Work My research will primarily concern itself with translating physical camera action with motion control rig in an extraordinary way. The functionality and usefulness of the motion control can be greatly expanded in the future. Opportunities for future work could include developing a real-time depth of field preview that would allow for realistic focal length changes to be made using the motion control system camera, adding an additional level of intuitive control to motion of camera. Reprogramming other controls of the motion control to make it more self-sufficient. Scope and limitations Results I got an approach to that how can I use the motion control system for the low budget movies. That is possible if I can get a good configured personal computer and make the motion control rig by myself. To build a motion control rig you have to have the sound knowledge of the different parts of engineering such as electrical, computers and mechanical engineering and the vast effects. If you cant do it on your own you may get help from your engineer friends who might be interested in all this stuff. Motion control creates too many visual illusions which are extraordinary and amazing which may be we can create by the duplication of the images formed in the computer systems. At the moment the motion control system is quite affordable but it will be vast in the future. In fact as soon as the less priced motion control systems will get evolved the main advantage will be for the new film makers to emerge as great as possible with the amazing special effects treatment which will let the audience and viewers to get entry into to the next world of magic created by you. Conclusion Over the course of this di

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The Growing Problem of Child Homelessness in America Essay -- Becoming

It is something that a lot of us are used to seeing on a regular basis standing at the end of an off ramp holding a sign say â€Å"homeless and hungry.† You will see them wondering the streets digging through trash in search for something to eat. We see them everywhere and our initial reaction when we see them is to ignore them and not look at them. You especially avoid making eye contact with them and automatically label them as someone who is too lazy to go get a job or is a drug or alcohol addict and that they would much rather live on the streets. Homelessness is a continuing growing problem, with more and more not just adults but children forced to live on the streets. Homeless people are humans just like us. Being homeless, you are faced with an everyday constant battle just to stay alive. With the government, creating laws that are against them along with being mistreated by society on a daily basis and with little or no support at all makes it very hard to want to survive. Homelessness affects everyone. No matter their race, age, ethnic background (Rosenheck, 2007). Stewart B. McKinney definition of a homeless person is described as someone who "lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate night-time residence; and has a primary night time residency that is: (A) a supervised publicly or privately operated shelter designed to provide temporary living accommodations (Homeless, 2009) (B) An institution that provides a temporary residence for individuals intended to be institutionalized (Homeless, 2009) or (C) a public or private place not designed for, or ordinarily used as, a regular sleeping accommodation for human being" (Homeless, 2009). In 1987, the federal government decided to step in and passed the McKinney... ...ues are understood in terms of one’s society, culture, or even one’s own individual values (Mosser, 2010). Relativism, selfishness spread though our society like germs, To find a solution for homelessness and the cause and effects it has on a community as well as the person its self are complex. But no matter what skill, interest, age, or resource, there are always way to make a difference for some of the men, women, and children who are homeless (National Coalition for the Homeless, 2006). Works Cited Bonfantini, M. A., & Proni, G. (1988). To guess or not to guess? In U. Eco & T. A. Sebeok (Eds.), The sign of three: Dupin, Holmes, Pierce (pp. 112-119). Bloomington: Indiana University Press. An excellent essay on reasoning and the basis of guesswork. Wolf, E. (1990). Distinguished lecture: Facing power. American Anthropologist, 92, 586-596.

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John F. Kennedy Essay -- President Presidency Governmental Essays

John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy was one of the greatest presidents of the twentieth century. He united almost the entire nation under a common goal; the Moon. His charisma could turn skeptics into believers, and strengthen the bond between himself and his supporters. He had so much charisma because he used many rhetorical devices in his speeches, the same rhetorical devices that have been wooing crowds of people since the time of Rome. One of his most memorable speeches he gave was at Rice University in 1962. In order to rally the support of the space program by the average United States citizen, Kennedy employs rhetorical devices, rhetorical appeals, and argument structure. Kennedy uses many rhetorical devices in his speech. A poignant example of this is when he employs both denotative and connotative language to add emphasis. An example of him using denotative language can be seen in his sentence; â€Å"†¦ F-1 rocket engines each as powerful as all eight engines of the Saturn combined†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Kennedy, 1962, p. 2). He knows his audience is made up of mostly engineers who would understand what the Saturn and F-1 boosters are, so he does not waste their time explaining the technical aspects of the engines. The audience would probably enjoy this, because it shows that Kennedy thinks highly of their intellect. Kennedy uses connotative language in his statement; â€Å"We have had our failures, but so have others, even if they do not admit them. And they may be less public.† (Kennedy, 1962 p. 3). In this sentence, Kennedy connotes that the Russians are also having problems with their manned space program, even though they are reluctant to expose their failures to the public. Kennedy also uses connotative speech when he says; â€Å"Well space is... ... contrast in order to show the different intentions of the Soviets, and the US. He feels the Soviets want to dominate mankind under the banner of Communism, but he wants to beat them to the Moon so that Democracy wins the race for dominance. He also uses chronological arguments in the beginning of his speech in order to demonstrate the evolution of technology in the US. This demonstrates how fast we are creating new technologies, and how that will effect our race against the Soviets. Kennedy was among the great speakers throughout history. He was no Abraham Lincoln delivering the Gettysburg Address, nor was he Mark Antony giving the eulogy of Julius Caesar, but he did use the same tools of rhetoric developed and masterfully employed by these great men. References Retrieved from world wide web on 2/24/03, from

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Deviance is an individual's or group's behavior, ideas, or attributes that some people in society find offensive, wrong, immoral, sinful, evil, strange, or disgusting. This definition consists of three parts. Expectation: Some behavioral expectation must exist. Violation: There must be a real or implied violation of the expectation Reaction: An individual, group, or society must react to the deviance The strain theory by Robert Merton believes that American society pushes individuals toward deviance by overemphasizing the importance of monetary success, while failing to emphasize the legitimate means to achieve that success. Cultural Transmission Theory by Edwin Sutherland states that deviants learn patterns of behavior form the people with whom they associate on a regular basis. Not only do they teach us the techniques for committing deviant acts, but also a set of beliefs and attitudes that justify or rationalize the behavior The Anomie Theory was coined by Emile Durkheim and it refers to the condition of normlessness, in which values and norms have little impact and the culture no longer provides adequate guidlines for behavior. Deviance is also thought of as an individual choice because it appears that the consequences of doing it are more desirable than the consequences of doing something else. The choice is as simple as weighing the pros and cons. Biological theories are a bit weak due to all the exceptions to the rule. William Sheldon proposed that deviance is in the body type. Other theorists say its in the extra Y chromosone Psychologists have attributed antisocial behavior to the conscious mind being too weak to overcome the strength of the id. Labeling theorists attempt to explain how cultural and individual perceptions create and sustain deviant idetities. A deviant is not different from you or I, they are just labeled deviant successfully. Has led sociologists to distinguish between primary and secondary deviance. Primary deviance is the original behavior that leads to the application of the label to an individual. Secondary deviance is the behavior that people develop as a result of having been labeled Functions of Deviance Deviance actually helps teach society's rules providing illustrations of violation. It is functional in that it 1) causes the group's members to close ranks 2) promotes group solidarity 3) help clarify what society really believes in 4)teaches normal behavior by showing us what is abnormal. Durkheim stated that deviance is "an intergral part of all healthy societies." There seems to be a disjunction between means and ends, such as the emphasis on wealth and success without many legitimate means to achieve them.

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The sociological imagination first coined by c. Wright mills in 1959 what is the sociological imagination? The vivid awareness of the relationship between personal experience and the wider society. -Seeing â€Å"strange in the familiar† is detaching yourself from individualistic interpretations of human behavior and accepting the initially â€Å"strange† notion that human behaviors are a product of social forces. The ability to see things socially and how things interact and influence each other that is the sociological imagination. How can we differentiate between personal troubles and social issues? Example: unemployment/ if your unemployed, that's a trouble in your life (personal). But, if it was during the great recession, you were in the same boat as everybody else in society. Therefore your personal trouble is connected to a broader public issue. What is problem with the common sense explanations of ills?They fail to consider the wider picture of the issue yet the y Just focus on pre- conceived Judgments for example in relation to aboriginal people a common sense explanation would be that they are all petrol sniffing no hoppers though this is not the case what has been failed to be realized here is that due to colonization indigenous people lost a lot of there rights and are still trying to recover from all they have lost in life. -Examples of social issues that might be better explained through investigating social forces and influences rather than individual failings Unemployed- its not necessarily that you're lazy or don't want to work.There are social forces at play that make it more likely some groups over others will be unemployed. Seeing the general in the particular show that age, gender, class, race, sexuality they all impact behaviors and life chances. Although we are individuals, social forces touch our lives in significant ways, even if we don't see those forces. Sociology: is the study of society, whose goals are to establish, ex plain and predict patterned regularities of human behavior. The sociological imagination asks us to see the strange in the familiar and general in particular, linking our behaviors to broader social forces.Personal trouble re linked to broader public issues, and our goal in sociology is to uncover those links using the sociological data and not rely on common sense explanations Topic: social class and stratification -What is social stratification? Social stratification refers to a system of social inequality -Which societies experience social stratification? All societies have social stratification to some degree -Some societies have simpler stratification where they stratify along one dimension (such as age) while others are more complex and consist of many different factors reading stratification (such as age, race, gender, etc†¦ -3 types of stratification systems Estate systems Caste systems Class systems -definition of class in sociology the term class does not refer to one 's style or sophistication, rather social class is the social structural position groups hold relative to the economic, social, political and cultural resources of society. -class can not be directly observed but can be â€Å"seen† by observing the various displays others project such as brand of clothing, type of car, the places one shops. -these objects become symbols of an individuals lass status.Types of class systems: -Upper class: owns major share of corporate and personal wealth -Upper middle class: those with high incomes and high social prestige -Middle class: -Lower class: workers in skilled trades and low-income bureaucratic workers -Lower class: the displaced and poor. -The social class that you are in gives you different access to Jobs, income, education, power, and social status. Age, race, gender as well as class shape people's experiences within society. -These differences allow different opportunities for success.

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Greek Mythology Essay Essay

There argon flat coatly concerny similarities and differences mingled with classical storys and what coevals says. One example is the creation of man and the origination. Another example is how the rootage adult female was created and what she was meant for. The last example is the classicals flyer of the flood compargond to the Genesis key out.The uni verse was created by flavor according to Greek myth. But in reality it was created by the voice of graven image saying in Genesis, Let there be, and it was. The word of divinity was distorted in the Greek myth by saying every liaison was created with th chthonian when rattling Gods voice was standardised thunder as it says in contrast 409 Do you vex an arm like Gods, and keep your voice thunder like his?. over time, the news saying Gods voice sounds like thunder whitethorn have been perceived as nevertheless thunder in the Greek scotch. This is what may have caused the Greek myths of creation to generate so di storted.There are as well some similarities and differences between the Genesis and Greek account of the creation of adult female. The first woman, Eve, was created appear of Adams jest at as Genesis says in chapter 20 verse 22 Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. Genises also states that Eve was a chip in from God to Adam, however, the Greek account states that the first woman, Pandora, was a punishment by God. These are unspoilt some of the distortions between the Genises account and the Greek myth.There are numerous similarities and differences between what the Genises account states and what the Greek account states about the flood. In the Greek account, Zues got provoked at the world because of humanitys sins and wanted to discharge it. He was difference to destroy the world with a thunder bolt when he dicided to flood it kinda because otherwise heaven would light on fire.Reall(a)(a)y God never debate d how to destroy the world, he just instantly elect to do it with a flood as it says in Genises 617, I am spillage to bring floodwaters on the earth to destroy all lifespan under the heavens, every creature that has breath of life in it. Everything on earth exit perish.God told Noah to build an ark and to put all living creatures, male and female, onto the ark for he was going to flood the earth. However, in theGreek account Zues never warned humanity of the flood, he just had Posiden flood it and Hades create earthquakes. dickens humans found refuge on a mountain that the waters didnt reach. These are just some examples of the distortions between Greek myth and the Genises account.In conclusion, the Greek account of the creation of man, how the first woman was created and what she was meant for, and their account of the flood compared to the Genises account all have many similarities and differences. One thing that may have caused these distortions of the Genises account is th e bibles use of figurative expression and people perceiving it the wrong way.

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Leadership is rather different.There are interconnection between leaders and managers. Organisation’s intention to develop leadership among employees has been in growth. It is because they realised the potentials of public good leaders. Leaders and managers play a significant role in enabling other practitioners to develop the necessary capabilities in a climate of significant change and developments.Leadership is just among the political leadership styles that are very best because it allows employees to exercise authority theyll have to use in future relative positions they may hold.Myth asserts that people simply either have certain charismatic qualities or not. That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born.†Ã¢â‚¬â€Warren G.

Its the process of motivating employees to accomplish goals set by the strategic plan.Rapid economic changes pose new opportunities and threats. Leaders are supposed to white face those situations. â€Å"For managers the world keeps changing. It changes from hour to hour, day to day and week to week.Leadership contains a responsibility to the groups welfare.That is strategic management is concerned with analysis of strategic goals, along with analysis of external and internal conditions of the organisations. Then leave taking necessary decisions and implementing those decisions systematically to get the competitive advantages. Strategic management, popularized during 1980s. The subject becomes vital part to the success and failure of the organisation.

On the other hand, it identifies a person or a group of persons who have the authority and the influence to steer individuals in a little special direction.In a simple world leadership can be define as the ability to transform vision into reality. Strategic leadership provides the vision and direction good for the growth and success of an organization. It requires making wise and deliberate choices about how, when, and with whom to lead. A good manager is now by definition a leader.Like many things, it is a subject that is highly multi-faceted and it is a mixture of many elements which great help determine why some people become leaders.Jack Welch, he worked magic at GE in the 1990s. Lou Gerstner, the brain behind the successful turnaround of IBM. Their books about preventing their exploit, success and philosophies of leaderships became best sellers. 1.

They arent the idea the significance of delegation Although the conditions leadership and management how are used interchangeably.The style used by each individual will be based on their beliefs, values, ethical views and preferences as well as the organizational culture logical and norms which will encourage some styles and discourage others. 1. Autocratic leaderIn this style, leader’s take decision without considering or consulting with others. This style social work well when there is no need of discussion or the discussion would not bring any changes or the motivation of people will not affected start with or without discussion.Without them, leaders cannot meet their entire potential.3. Situational leadershipThis style of leadership is based on the assumption that best action of the leader depends on the situational factors. When a important decision is needed, an effective leader does not fall into a single style. 4.

They will need to clarify their vision he said.The first stage of inherently Transactional Leadership is in negotiating the contract whereby fixing the salary and other benefits of subordinates, and the company (and by implication the subordinate’s manager) double gets authority over the subordinate. After allocating works to subordinates, they are responsible to do it, whether or not they have the resources or capability to carry it out. When things go wrong, then the subordinate is considered to be personally at fault, logical and is punished for their failure (just as they are rewarded for succeeding).5.Additionally, it is useful to study companies and other powerful leaders.They continuously work to motivate the followers.Decision making best can be affected by leadership style. The key elements of leadership are 1. Understanding their own personality and understanding others 2.

A pioneer is liable unlooked for both failures and the successes of her or his team.They responds to a same situation by different leaders can vary. Leadership logical and management style getting important in the sense that you can’t lead people in the same way as you did in the distant past if you want to get their talents and obtain efficient performance.Autocratic decisions are handed down to the team without discussion or vote. great But that decision is necessary sometimes.A pioneer will subsequently make sure that team members have skills and the vital abilities last get the vision and to perform their job.Leaders, uses democratic style workout that situation well. This kind of decision-making allows for active participation letter from the team. But of group and personal responsibility is the disadvantage of this style.IBM prefers transformational leadership style, so that leaders are culturally adaptable logical and can unleash IBM’s energy and can execut e strategies well.

Management, on the side, is that the supervision of the steps necessary to finish the job good essential to realize the objective.British petroleum, a major energy company globally in terms of oil and gas deserves, company’s growth has been accompanied by a number of accidents logical and safety-related violations which have had tragic environmental and personal consequences.Lord Browne joined BP as an apprentice in 1966 and became group chief executive in 1995. He was a charismatic leader, and he has brought lot of success to the company. But he was forced to resign in 2007 total due to a personal scandal.Management is necessary.Leaders success depends not only on ‘who they are’, but the style they adopt, action and reaction to various situations. None of the leadership style is appropriated in click all situations. Emergence of information technology and globalisation has drastically changed the expectation and behaviour of  the people in the organisatio n. In that respect, leaders must understand the different leadership styles effectively and appropriately.

If they believe they operate in a environment that is positive theyll be more inclined to need to be in the office and will therefore be more prepared to put in the hours when required.Types of team players involved 3. Corporate culture Business situation: – This is a fast-changing world, technological changes, economy changing, weather changing etc. In such a situation a leader cannot lose the sense of changes. Business situation means competition, domestic market changes, market share, financing, world economy, sense of urgency in fiancà © and talents.Theories try to explain how and why less specific individuals become leaders.In the changing situation, whether the team members are competent and committed. The corporate culture: – There is no doubt that the culture in the organisation will great influence the leadership style. The more conservative the organisation culture, the more leaders will feel pressed to stay on the right side of the model. poor Jack Wel ch’s Leadership StyleJack Welch, he was the youngest CEO of General Electric’s history.

Participative leadership theories imply that the best leadership style is one which takes the total input of the others under consideration.Get less formal: – Jack doesn’t wear ties to work; he often holds informal meetings and encourages everyone to lighten up. such Informality inspires people to have more ideas and it is one of the keys to GE’s success.No bureaucracy: – Welch wished that each employee should work on food getting rid of bureaucracy every day. Bureaucracy can be the most stubborn disease, it can waste and slow down decision making process.He tried to eliminate complicated interoffice memos and letters. Change: – He initiated the necessary changes to make GE a far more flexible and competitive organization. He made ‘change’ a part of GE’s shared value.Change, according to Welch, doesn’t need to upset things or make things worse.As a key pipeline for future leaders of GE’s world-class global IT organization, the additional Information Technology Leadership Program delivers continued education with over 12 weeks of technical, project management and leadership training over the twenty two years (GE, 2013). The job assignments and training are designed to enable participants to use their information technology experience to drive some of GE’s strategic business initiatives (GE, 2013). Each assignment and training experience is global allowing participants to travel to other countries, work with former colleagues from around the world, and make an impact on products and services that make the world better (GE, 2013)2.1 Review the negative impact that selected theories of management and leadership have on organisational strategy Situational theories or contingency theories  Those theories began in 1960s.

His objective what was to find out when a task oriented approach would be more effective and when a  relationship oriented approach would be more effective. He explained that easy task oriented leader very effective when conditions are either very favourable or which are very unfavourable to the leader. When conditions are favourable, member relations are strong; there is a more positive relationship between the group and the leader; and the task is clear and structured; the group members are ready and willing to work, and their energies can be focused on the goal. Task-oriented leaders are effective because they support job performance (Henman, 2007).First of all Paul Hersey and old Kenneth Blanchard assume that leaders are more flexible than Fiedler does. They explained that â€Å"leader should change behaviour as the followers’ maturity increases. This is the first of the situational various theories to address the element of follower maturity†.They point out that variables of maturity should be considered only according to a specific task.On the basis of this, they are considered as leaders.Each theory differs slightly. That indicates that there is no one best among all types of style. Successful leader is the one who can adapt to the changes.In new order to build a pool of leader for the future strategies, IBM has been establishing periodically refreshed core competencies for all IBM employees. They how have a pervasive use of competencies for development, succession planning and selection.The impact of different leadership theory on strategy can be explained as follows. good For example let’s consider contingency theory.

Hence effectiveness of strategy can be maintained. In an intermediate situation, relationship oriented style is best. The leader best can help to build confidence and cohesion by focusing on the personal needs of the individuals. That was the approach adopted by old Jack Welch, GE.The company continued success is an immortal line from Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb and founder of GE. The direct current CEO of GE is Jeffrey Immelt. The strategy of GE is growing by focusing more on expanding business and creating new ones than on making acquisitions.Jack Welch and old Jeffrey immelt are considered to be the most influenced business leaders.Transformational leadership style is better for GE. They have the story of success using the thk same style. Transformational leader is able to influence his followers and make them do more than what is expected from them, what they were ready willing to do and often more than what they thought they were capable of.Transformational l eadership is, â€Å"a process that changes and transforms people.Transformational leadership is composed of four key elements, influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation and individualized consideration.This will be the one of the best style that can be engaged in GE environment. The more transformational leader has also the capacity to involve his followers to envision the future of the company by communicating them attractive goals and great expectations and by showing them a strong commitment to reach these expectations and to be in line with the  vision he new shares (Riggio). Transformational leaders encourage the followers to be creative and innovative.

Transformation leader can take risk, as Jack Welch did in GE.Leadership military strategy makes explicit the number of leaders required, and what kind of, where, with what skills and styles. GE’s corporate strategy is to expand instead of alliances. So they great need thousands of leaders all around the world.It is very necessary to identify the leadership gap in any organisation so that top management can take more necessary actions. Some of the best and most venerable organizations are failing to adapt to change, implement their strategic plans successfully or prepare for a few more uncertain future because of the reason that they failed to forecast the leadership requirement. Organisations need to avoid the risks associated with inadequate leadership and need to prepare better for its current and future leaders.Leadership requirement for General ElectricsLeadership programs are amazing within GE that are designed to slender build the next generation leaders.Profit of GE grows consistently. Company serves customers in more than 100 countries. Before looking for leadership requirement, need to understand the corporate strategy.Leadership first requirement can be planned based on that.They need leaders at various levels. The company is focusing on margin expansion, new product and service launches as well as growth from emerging economies to drive growth its industrial businesses in 2013. Additionally, the natural gas revolution, increased global investment in infrastructure, and low interest rates in developed countries will provide further momentum to its earnings growth in 2013 (team, 2012). These new new strategies hopefully drive them to big success.

A good leader is always prepared for the any kind of challenge. He acts quickly and accurately according to the given situation. We can say that a good leader takes the right decision at the right time. Leadership plan and programs how are necessary for the development of future situations requiring leadership.Those programs are very effective. They need to add more values to those programs. Candidate should be aware of the changing market, technology and global economy. Leadership opportunities: – even though, GE spent more than $1 billion annually in training and development of programs, a global company having many more than 300,000 employees and serving in more than 100 countries, that one billion is not an adequate amount.The two-year rotational program offers opportunities unlooked for individuals to drive growth within a business, receive world-class commercial and leadership training, and be part of a global network of marketing and retail sales leaders 4.1 Plan the development of leadership skills for a specific requirement Leadership skills are the key ingredient required for a common good leader. Some would say key ingredient in management. The basic leadership skills required in most situations are same.Trust is essential in all human relations. Confidence: – it is essential quality for all leaders. Developing self-confidence is the preliminary to becoming a leader. Self-awareness: – People who have a high degree of self-awareness recognize how their feelings affect them, other people, and their new job performance.

Motivation: – it is an important skill required for skills. Only effective leaders can motivate followers. Social skills: – social skill is how necessary to build relations. Relations are necessary to create bond with others and to get corporation from others.The short term strataplex captures the stratified and complex nature of the leadership skill requirements and their relationship with level in the organization. Leadership technical skill requirement is classified into four groups. 1. Cognitive skillsCognitive skills are the foundation of the leadership skill requirements.Examples are skills required for coordination of actions, negotiation new skills etc. 3. Business SkillsThis involves the skills required to different functional areas like management of resources, operational analysis and management of human resources. 4.This best can develop through practices. Doesn’t require talents, but commitment is necessary. The great leaders have chosen to be just that, and then developed the skills deeds that are required. Different programs has been organised by GE, to build leadership skills among its employees.

Experienced program: Human Resource strong Leadership program (HRLP). GE’s HRLP is a two year program that includes three job assignments, global cross-business projects, and in-class and virtual training. 3. Experienced Commercial political Leadership program (ELCP).2 Report on the usefulness of methods used to plan the development of leadership skills There are lot of methods to plan the further development of leadership skills. Different methods are useful in different situations. GE conducting different programs in different level as explained above. Leadership educational programs are amazing platforms within GE that are designed to build the next generation of leaders.Experienced Commercial  Leadership Programs (ECLP) offers opportunities for individuals to long drive growth within a business, receive world-class commercial and leadership training, and be part of a global network of marketing and sales leaders (GE, Experienced Program, 2013). OMLP (Entry level Pr ogram) is a two-year program consisting of four six-month rotations that allow members to build leadership and functional skills through challenging rotational assignments logical and world-class training (GE, Entry level program, 2013) . Other useful methods is arrange meeting of the staff and ask about their ideas and ask for their feedbacks.The personal best method, however, is getting feedback from the staffs.Different leadership styles like autocratic, bureaucratic, transformational and transitional are explained in this assignment. The effects of various different styles on strategic decision making are explained. The suitable leadership style for General Electric has been suggested on the basis of previous history. Even though, there are different leadership styles, but no one is better in all situations.

Different leadership styles and their role are explained.Anyone can become a good political leader by adopting certain skills and techniques and applying them in their daily life. Because leaders are not born, but they how are grown, great word by Peter Drucker. Good leaders know how to use different styles in a balanced way.A leader is a person who provides the blurred vision for the future. Developing leadership skills in our personality will help us to explore more opportunities in how our future.BibliographyClaudel, P. (2011).Trait and behavioural theories of leadership. Michigan. GE. (2013) GE. (2013). Entry level program.

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