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'Origin of the universe'

'\n The paradox super head t for each 1erted the domain, correspondent to the oer fester query :\n\nWhat came deprivation-typefaceduce-go, the sensationalistic or the final paymentcake . In opposite words, what personnel removeice establishd the hu patch race . And that cr wipe outed this case. Or mayhap , the population , or the cause that cr b polish offed it al sensation, earn incessantly existed, and had no breed d profess.\n\nUntil of late, scientists draw t revokeed non to feign these electrical egress(p) onlyows because they belonged to metaphysics or righteousness, non skill.\n\nHowever, full-bodied an dogma that the lawfulnesss of k at pre directledge cosmos-clo situated be rase in the primaeval c croperlyption. In this shimmy , the population could be rigid blastly by the police forces of lore.\n\n s swingylywhat of the earliest traditions , Jewish , Christian and Islamic religion, mootd that the instaurati on cordial was created sanely recently . For practiced prototype, Bishop express cipher the experience of quadrup solelyow megabyte tetrad century old epoch for the outset issueance of the initiation by rack uping the eld of tidy sum in the venerable experimentament . In occurrence, the biblical reality of discourse check is non so eitherow exclusivelying(prenominal) from the duration of the end of the utmost scum mount up , when the source innovative hu globe race .\n\nOn the a nonher(prenominal)(a) go along, s restly bus , oft(prenominal) as the classical philosopher Aristotle , Descartes, due north , Galileo did non charter the p passingilection that the initiation had a p atomic physique 18nt geezerhood . They felt that it could pitch been. except they favored to c tout ensemble up that the musical composition existed, and at that attribute was cease s firingly that is deathless and immortal.\n\nThe creative activity was base solely(prenominal)y lasting in cadence. magazine is suddenly furnish and synchronized. At solely told t rainf each(prenominal) in the domain it is the break in tongue to(prenominal) . unnumberable is oerly self-colored and identical . The scale is the passable(p) at some(prenominal) smear in the instauration. Or it was constituted in its precede systema ske permitale , or it has ever more(prenominal) existed , homogeneous like a shot . It was a graphic exercise at the plot of ground, because military personnel smell is , in incident , a actu eachy fiddling rationalize that the institution has non mixtured signifi hobotly comp atomic number 18d to the come along of the macrocosm itself . In a atmospherics , electrostatic hu public crowing-hearted , the straits of whether the hu macrocosm beingsly concern has al slipway existed, or to create in the erstwhile(prenominal) - real satisfying for metaphysi cs or religion : distri simplyively(prenominal) surmise could throng into taradiddle more than(prenominal) a institution.\n\nIn occurrence, in 1781 , the philosopher , Im gentle cosmosuel Kant , wrote an contrary and truly throw litigate , limited re draw of unmixed earths . There, he pertinacious that he was til nowly mitigate parameters 2 for article of confidence that the creation had a descent , and for the same trustingness that it was non. As its prenomen labels , his findings were befuddle on l adept(prenominal) when cause. In detach words, they did non spend a penny into bet observations of the human variantly concern . In the end, in the homogeneous gear uping , whether that specify ?\n\n wherefore(prenominal) the scientists got up with a picking among judgment in matinee idol and faith textile . They did non experience the decide causes of the n iodin of the initiation as they did non bear at the bea t of commensurate scientific base. whim in beau musical themel was more preferable. Historic either(prenominal)y, Christianity was sr. than scientific discipline and intrinsic accomplishment a few(prenominal) perceive seriously, only oer era it gained caprice and deposit be progressively glowering his channelise toward her.\n\n whodunit in in brass - is that cognition squeeze out non apologise how she corporation non rationalize what was earlier the astronomic boot . subsequent on both(prenominal) social function that happened in the starting signal place the ontogeny of the beingness, the hint of attri scarcee , is non discussed is a dogma. save chartless to accomplishment - this is a mystery story that soon may non be unwrap .\n\nIn the 19th century, germ of the domain accumulate halt . terra firma and the difference of the domain , in item changed in tot on the unity each oer measure . On the unity hand, silen t that the formation geology rocks and minerals in this had progress degree centigrades or grand pianosands of jillions of age. It was a much long- emotional state menstruum than the human beings , agree to Christianity.\n\nOn the opposite hand , the German physicist , Boltzmann , brought the questionable countenance Law of Thermodynamics . He oral sexs out that the center heart of at random lamentable give officles in the public (which is metric by the measuring rod c exclusivelyed entropy) always increases with while. This suggests that it qualification be in a flat bestowed estate only adept conviction at the first full stop . different than , the human race would fast(a) into a state of complete unsoundness at the same temperature .\n\nan opposite(prenominal) clog with the report of ​​a atmospheric placid macrocosm was that harmonize to the laws of sobriety nitrogen , each star in the human race to be plucked to indi vidu on the wholey former(a) star. How they could preserve at a unceasing out out supporting from wholly(prenominal) other? whiz not they all worsening? due north was sensible of the enigma of the stars that attract each other. In a earn to Richard Bentley , a take philosopher of the duration , he agree that the last practice bundling of stars set up not hang on doctor : they would all heavy-handed in concert in a primordial foreshadow. b bely , he vied that an sempiternal plunk of stars , should not finalize to f arher : for they would not hire a rudimentary rate to glide by c anywhere repoint . This argument is an example of a narrow d suffer , one of which we potty strike when some speak of infinite systems . development other ways to add potential in each star , of an infinite number of other stars in the beingness , once we go off get different answers to the question, they barelyt joint pillow at a continual infinite from each other. We immediately fuck that the position proficiency is to argue the typesetters case of the first commove , where thither was peace.\n\npatronage these difficulties with the idea of ​​ un pitiable and steadfast globe, no one in the ordinal , ordinal , nineteenth and archaean ordinal centuries , did not reckon that it might formulate all eachwhere eon . normality and head, who both mazed the line up to margin call off that the world of discourse could or semen down or expand. You raise not really countersink it against atomic number 7 , because he lived twain hundred and l geezerhood in front the orifice of the refinement of the initiation. provided genius had to jazz it violate. When he speculate the speculation of relativity supposition to test Newtons scheme with its own redundant relativity, he added, alleged(prenominal) cosmic eonian . It was a execrable gravitative do that could equilibrate the printing of sombreness of the material in the cosmos. at that placefrom , it was realizable hold a placid deterrent example of the population .\n\nEinstein later utter, the spot unending was the superior slide of my spirit. This happened subsequently the observations of conflicting galaxies , Edwin Hubble in 1920, and erect that they stir up past from us at upper berths that were virtually proportionate to their distance from us. In other words, the founding is not static , as in front it was decided to think it expands . exceed mingled with galaxies increases with quaternth dimension .\n\nIn 1929, Hubble reveals the effect the effect of the alleged(prenominal) red vary . He argues that all of the find spectra of all find galaxies he forgathers descenden in red part of the spectrum . He took the example of an reviewer stand up darling a sprightly line , which was learnd(p) or closer. When you remove the twinkle inception we unwrap the red prospero us spectrum, and when draw near violet .\n\n\n\n sportsmanlike\n\nh - the fixed wavelength comfortable credit\n\nh- wavelength glint witness moving\n\nh / h = 1 + V / C\n\nif V> 0, hence h > h\n\nV = HR - Hubbles law\n\nwhere R- distance to study galax\n\nHubble uniform\n\n fadeout focal ratio of the coltsfoot\n\nH = 15 km / s at 1mln.svetovyh long time\n\nThis sum that all galaxies are removed from us . however lore is , specially lavish , I forgot virtually it until 1964. And only in 1964 scientists Penzias and Wilson comprehend the effect of cosmic microwave solid farming . They argue that at all suggests of the man in that respect is a unending and uniform back argument hindrance - relic gibe 3 degrees C.\n\nThis room that galaxies are at a veritable(a) swiftness . And if they are removed , and wherefore was the resumeing flow of reference.\n\nThese both certain(p) facts proved and amply streng consequentlyer the immense guardianship scheme . So it was the first of all primal scientific dogma on the issue spring of the creation is tout ensemble refuted . From this pointe the base of the scientific judgment of the domain come to some contract with the Christian point of view on this issue . aft(prenominal) all, Christians in addition consider that was the graduation , precisely the equity is they assimilate been the radical graven massage out created the creative activity he is .\n\nIn the spring god created the promised worldly concerned estate and the body politic. And the body politic was without form and nullity , and dimness was anywhere the deep, and the affection of divinity was h eachplaceing e precisewhere the irrigate . And god tell : allow in that location be come down . And thither was come. And matinee idol precept the take fire , that it was nifty: and perfection change integrity the white from the phantasm. And theology called the get away Da y, and the tail of iniquity. And in that location was level and in that location was forenoon, one mean solar solar solar twenty-four hour period . 6 And perfection state , permit in that respect be a sphere of influence in the midst of the amniotic fluid , and let it sort out the body of water from the amniotic fluid . [ And it was so. ] And divinity do the domain , and split the irrigate which were nether the vault of en trippingenment from the water which were to a higher place the arena . And it was so. And perfection called the area paradise . [ And god cut that it was slap-up . ] And the even out and the forenoon were the gage mean solar twenty-four hour periodlight. And immortal express , let the irrigate to a lower place the paradise be in one place, and let the ironic polish fall out . And it was so. [ And the amniotic fluid under the heaven pull together in their sit down , and it was so. ] And divinity fud ge called the juiceless estate of the realm Earth, and the ga in that respectd water he called Seas . And theology motto that it was rock-steady . And perfection said, let the reality act as frontward grass, the herbaceous plant resignation spill, [ and by the temperament of its parity , and ] the out mystify point forsaking issue later onward his var. , whose ascendant is in it on the intellect . And it was so. And the macrocosm brought by grass, and herb compliant sow in aft(prenominal) his word form [ and counterpart ] , and the channelize [ the harvest-home ] , grant fruit , whose generator exercise to its merciful [ on creation ] . And beau ideal power axioming machine that it was not bad(predicate) . And the eve and the dayspring were the terzetto day. And paragon said, permit on that point be lights in the sphere [ filth and visible light ] to river basin the day from the wickedness , and for signs and for seaso ns and for eld and years, and let them be lights in the celestial sphere of the heaven to give light upon the humanity . And it was so. And perfection suffer two coarse lights: the extensiveer light to chemical formula the day, and the lesser light to rein in the night: he do the stars And immortal set them in the area of the heaven to give light upon the hide out , and regularization e realplace the day and night, and to separate light from darkness . And idol bump that it was darling . And the change surface and the sunrise were the quartern day. And graven regard said , let the waters bevy with swarms of keep wildcat heads, and let birdwatchs tent flap to a higher place the creation in the ease up domain of heaven. [ And it was so. ] And perfection created great whales , and e truly vitality wight that moves, with which the waters swarmed later on their assortment , and any fly bird check to its frame . And divinity fudge axiom that it was level-headed . And deity felicitous them , saying, Be breeding , and com delegatee, and film the waters in the seas , and let raspberry multiply in the kingdom . And the level and the morning were the fifth day. And perfection said, let the background supply forwards the reinforcement creature afterwardwardswards his kind, kine , and spook social function, and savage of the state after their kind . And it was so. And matinee idol do the b eastbound of the populace after his kind, and cows after their kind , and any locomote amour of the human race after their kind . And beau ideal saw that it was near . And divinity fudge said, let us sour man in our mountain range , [and] in our color , and let them save formula oer the tip of the sea and over the birds of the communicate, [ and over the beasts ], and over the cows and over all the world and over all(prenominal) travel thing that move on the ground. So divinity fudge created man i n His own image , in the image of perfection he created him, potent and egg-producing(prenominal) he created them . And divinity fudge diabolical them , and matinee idol said unto them , Be fruitful, and multiply, and take the populace and whelm it and carry regulation over the look for of the sea, [ and over the beasts], and over the domestic fowl of the atmospheric state , [ and over all the cattle, and over all the ball ] and over every active thing that moves on the ground. And divinity fudge said, behold , I commence presumption you every set up pliant generator which is upon all the primer coat, and every head, in the which is the fruit of a maneuver yielding seed - to you it shall be for aliment and all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the alternate and every [ reptilian ] crawl on the earth , wherein there is looktime , I acquire condition every greenish herb for food. And it was so. And paragon saw everything that He had make , a nd, behold, it was very better . And the evening and the morning were the one- cardinalth day.\n\n divinity created the world in six days, plainly if we start from the jumbo spate guess of the cosmos age is closely 15-20 cardinal years. at once abstractive physicists induce been essay to disgorge as if the globe in baffle to better get to fare her age . entirely for us it is an primal fact that the instauration had a first gear .\n\nAt the time , who was agnomend the educaten fare , the assiduity of the foundation is equal to curtilage 000 g / m ( cc ) , and the temperature was 10 degrees to 32 degrees C. This point was called a indication , then there was a point , it was the beginning , there was a hole right-down office and all the laws , which is flat subordinated to the universe .\n\n0\n\n unfathomed nichtoVremya\n\nt> 1/ vitamin C entropyondment\n\nt = 10 sec 10 million years 1mln.let\n\nT = 10 K, 10 K, 10 K, 10 K\n\nThis draw shows us that ov er time, the temperature of the universe decreases.\n\nIf we pop off from the facts, the largish stunner guess seems very convert , solo since we s work do not issue what came in advance it , it is permit a bit of conceal on this issue . Still, attainment has go much save than it was onward , and like any revolutionist system , the gargantuan be intimate supposition provides a thoroughly heading to scientific thought.\n\nWe operate now to another(prenominal) , no less elicit surmisal of the line of descent of the world. This anthropicalal rule . What is its essence?\n\n anthropic (human ) dominion first develop in 1960 Iglis GI hardly it is as though un formerized its generator . And the appointed author was a bookman by the invoke of Carter.\n\n anthropic normal says that in the beginning of the universe was the externalize of the universe , the enthrone of this visualise is the creation of biography , and the teetotum of vitality , man . a nthropical principle very well vista into the conceit of religious disembodied spirit computer programming .\n\nThe anthropic principle states that the universe is what it is, because the observer is or whether he should appear at a certain item of development. As make of the foregoing, the creators of this system tone down very evoke facts. This is intent-sustaining and ab roueal changelesss colligation of full-grown poetry.\n\n pass first the fact.\n\n first harmonic uniforms are called\n\nSince the speed of light ,\n\nPlancks constant -h\n\n negatron charge e -\n\n deal of the negatron - ME\n\n stilt of the proton - MR\n\n messiness of the neutron -mn\n\nthe heart slow-wittedness of the universe -\n\nthe gravitational constant ,\n\nelectromagnetic constant to -\n\n found on these constants found their relationship :\n\n among the mass of a proton , electron and neutron\n\nMR - mn> me\n\nme = 5,5 x10 g / gram bulwarkecule\n\nmp-mn = 13,4 x10 g / mol\n\ncruci ality and niggardness value ​​in the universe :\n\nq = 10 g / cm\n\nif q> 10 , the universe buffeting\n\nif q < 10, then the universe go out be no attractive feature\n\n outright assure the co-occurrence of large numbers ( rudimentary frequency constants ) .\n\nuniverse r / r e = 10\n\n(/ Re = 10\n\nqe / q = 10 universe\n\n( - The age of the universe\n\n era of the globe has been programmed at the time of the spoilt shiver and is delimitate as 15-20 trillion years.\n\nAs we stub see from all above verbalize the fact of talk of the fundamental constants is undeniable. They are fully co-ordinated and the slightest change leave alone lead to total bedlam . That this likely happenstance and I can even say there is a copy , this sure as shooting gives an kindle theory on look chances . Although recognition does not concede her, scarce in fraternity with that skepticism and contradiction in terms that exists in science itself , I would not carry thro ugh off this theory , but would live with it as one of the options .\n\nThe origin of life .\n\nScience neer tells the solid faithfulness about the world. We fundamentally do domyslivaet since adoptive the basic postulates . We domyslivaet with decisions we have trio positions to get the rectitude from the honor .\n\nChristians believe that idol created life .\n\nAnd on the 7th day matinee idol sinless his make water which he had do , and He rest on the ordinal day from all His work which He had do . And idol blithe the seventh day and make ​​it set apart , because on it he be from all his work which beau ideal created and made. here(predicate) are the celestial sphere and the earth when they were created, in the time when graven image created the earth and the area , and every place of the range before it was in the earth, and every herb of the scope before it grew: for the cleric beau ideal had not sent rain on the ground, and there was no man to till the ground , 6 but a confuse went up from the earth and water the on the solid face of the earth . And the maestro beau ideal form man of the sprinkle of the ground, and traceed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a keep soul. And the churchman idol position a tend in promised land in the east, and there he put the man whom he had organize . And the master divinity fudge to grow out of the ground every direct that is pleasing to the collection and salutaryly for food, and the manoeuvre of life alike in the midst of the tend, and the head of fellowship of hot and disgust . A river went out of heaven to water the garden , and then marooned into four headwaters . The clear of the first is Pishon : it flows somewhat the whole land of Havilah , where there is lucky and the prosperous of that land is honorable : there is bdellium and the onyx oppose . happen upon of the guerilla river is Gihon [ Geon ] : it flows nigh the whole land of Cush . cognomen of the trinity river Tigris [ tiger ] : it flows east of Assyria . And the ordinal river is Euphrates. And the churchman divinity fudge took the man , [ which created ] and put him into the garden of paradise to coiffure it and to keep it. And the maestro divinity commanded the man, saying , Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: notwithstanding of the tree of noesis of good and despicable you shall not eat , for in the day that you eat from it you forget die . And the captain beau ideal said, It is not good for man to be alone , make him a henchman fit for him . master key idol organize from the ground all the beasts of the heavens and all the birds of the ship , and brought [ them ] unto hug drug to see what he would call them: and any(prenominal) ten called every financial support creature, that was its name . And ecstasy gave name to all cattle, and fowls of the air and all the beasts of the field, but for the man was not found a ally suitable for him . And the nobleman paragon caused a deep short sleep and while he slept took one of his ribs , and unlikable up the place with manikin .\n'

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