Thursday, December 20, 2018

'Belonging to Culture\r'

'People tactile property a strong spirit of be unyieldinging to their polish. This is nonicen in the film ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ by Gurinder Chadha. The master(prenominal) paroxysms that portray this statement are the engagement place setting, pre-wedding scene and the wedding scene. This statement is also returnn in the colligate text ‘Integrated’ by Sylvia Kantaris. In the film, variant techniques are apply such as long shots, ripe shots and panning. In the related text the techniques apply are a metaphor, inclination, contrast and affectional words. In the film ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ the engagement scene starts off with a long shot of the extracurricular of Jessminder’s house.The house is decorated with lights and lighting is a technique utilize to make the house gestate out. After that there is a high shift/close up shot of the pabulum. The foods are colourful and buttonlike. Bright colours are festive and symbo lises cheerful occasions. Costume is another technique. Everyone is wearing the same severalise of clothing and they are colourful. This shows that they belong to the Indian culture. The full/long shot of the room and the people session adjacent to each other shows sense of belong to their culture. This scene also explores gender roles.The males were sitting down, have and talking to others whilst Jess was walking around offering food to the guests. A wo piece of medication tells Jess â€Å"it will be your squirm soon. ” This means that she is expected to marry an Indian man just like every other Indian woman. These values and traditions are aspects of their Sikh Indian culture and Jess is expected to follow them. People olfactory sensation a strong sense of belonging to their culture. We also teach this in the pre-wedding preparation scene. In this scene we see everyone sitting together again. Gender roles are explored in this scene as salutary.All the women are si tting next to each other around a skirt making samosas. A full shot is a technique used in this scene. This shows belonging to their culture because they are wholly celebrating harmoniously. There are alternations used among the Indian and British culture to show contrast between the twain cultures. There is an disk overhead shot of the Bhamra’s backyard and their neighbours backyard. The Bhamra’s backyard is colourful, active and bright while their neighbours backyard is quiet, dull and empty. There are alternations used between Jess preparing for the wedding and her team training for the finals.This shows that she is caught between two cultures. Music is a technique used. The music is sad and so is Jess. Her facial expressions show us that she is not interested in what’s departure on around her. She takes down her David Beckham poster and this shows that she is good-looking up on soccer. People feel a strong belonging to their culture however rough pe ople can feel caught between two cultures. Another text that that shows people feel a strong sense of belonging to their culture is the numbers ‘Integrated’ by Sylvia Kantaris. This numbers is close to a Greek woman who moves into Australia but does not indispensableness to conflate.The metaphor â€Å"she brought her country with her in packing cases” tells us that she has brought ornaments of her country with her because she feels powerfully about her culture. She does not hope to integrate because she is scared of losing her own culture. At her abode in Australia, she listens to Greek music, speaks Greek with her granddaughter and this shows she feels strongly about her culture. Another technique used in this poem is listing. First there is a listing of all the Greek items and then there is a listing of Australian items.This shows contrast between two cultures. Her granddaughter listens to westward music, speaks English and eats Australian food. â€Å" Her grandchild…has eaten corned-beef, cornflakes…another tongue, her future. ” This quote tells us her granddaughter has found it quite easy to integrate whereas â€Å"the land gave way, she arranged it to her liking,” shows the grannie got her way. The use of emotive words such as â€Å"fierce” and â€Å" foeman” shows that there was a battle between the grandmother and her new environment and she won because she did not integrate. Australia is to a greater extent malleable than she,” tell us Australia was manipulated because the grandmother did not give up. She kept to her culture. Not only do people feel a strong sense of belonging to their culture but they can generate cultural clash. In conclusion people feel a strong sense of belonging to their culture. This is seen in the film ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ and the poem ‘Integrated. ’ two of these texts show us people feel strongly about their culture. However they also show us that cultural clashes can arise as well when people feel trapped between two cultures.\r\n'

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