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Solar Energy and the Energy Crisis Essays -- Energy Power Global Warmi

Solar zip and the Energy CrisisAbstractThe energy crisis is a major problem in the United States. Solar energy lowlife help alleviatethis problem. Enough solar panels to fulfill the energy postulate of the entire United Stateswould take up 27,347 km2 and cost al close to 17 trillion dollars. Therefore, although there isenough space for all those solar panels, the economical cost is far too great. However,solar military force can be phased in gradually.Solar Energy 3Solar Energy bottomland It Solve the Energy Crisis?The worlds supply of fossil fuels is dwindling. The amount of queen generated fromrenewable energy sources needs to be increased, as there is little hazard of index finger consumptiondecreasing. Solar power is a relatively untapped power source which could contribute to solving theenergy crisis. Solar power plants can point as long as the fair weather continues to crock up off light and heat,and it will continue to do so for billions of years. However, solar po wer plants cannot be the onlypower source, for they do not operate at peak efficiency at night or when the sun is obscured by densecloud cover.Solar power accounted for only 0.064%of US energy consumption in 2003, whilefossil fuels accounted for 85.973%. Also, solarpower production in the United States has beendecreasing since 1996 (see Figure 1) (AnnualEnergy Review, 2003).The most common way to convert solar radiation into electricity is the use of photovoltaic cells,also called solar cells. These cells are grouped together in solar panels. Solar cells are made of thinwafers of silicon (Si) with a few other elements added. The efficiency of these cells is around 12%, sothat a panel with an area of one square meter placed in direct sunlight will generate ... ... new plants are take or to replace old, barely-workingpower plants. Also, more investigation should be through with(p) into alternative ways of gathering solar energy(such as satellites and power towers).Solar Energy 5Re ferencesParfit, M. (2005). Future power. National Geographic, 208(2), 2-31.Annual Energy Review. (2003). Retrieved haughty 01, 2005, fromhttp// (n.d.). Retrieved August 02, 2005, from http// Cell. (July 20, 2005). Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved August 01, 2005,from http// Energy. (n.d.). Retrieved August 01, 2005, fromhttp// States. (July 28, 2005). CIA - The World Factbook. Retrieved August 02, 2005, fromhttp//

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