Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Women in Advertisements

WOMEN IN ADVERTISEMENTS In modern font societies, women and men have equal rights to law in most aras such(prenominal) as education and employment. Howewer, there is an unuequality as gender between potent and female. Because social gender is related with power and patriarchy, a dominance of while over woman, has to do power relations. Therefore, holder of power is men and women argon regarded as opressed and sex object. A social unequality between men and women is universe apply women and female figures in advertisements mostly.There are severeal reasons why woman or female figures are utilize in advertisements The fist reason to this is visuality. Visuality is most-valuable because it is the most effective way to appeal to the senses in advertisements and for this, women are used mostly. These advertisements involve beaty of women, sexuality, their physical structure and they show that women are sex object. In addition, having a beautiful and well groomed body is important for women in advertisements. Advertisements afford messages that women improve themselves and they look beautiful and thin. Therefore, all woman want to belong same life, to wear and eat same things.For example, in Doritos advertisement, Megan Fox is used and it shows that if woman is beautiful and sexy, she deserve to draw applause. Therefore, these advertisements reinforce the idea that womens are sex object. The second reason that women give informations about gender roles in advertisements. In these advertisements, women are regarded as housewife and role of women is to serve children and husband, to realise and clean. Therefore, these advertisements reinforce social gender role. In addition they have functionalist stance because women concentrate on domestic and family responsibilities while men work external the home.For example, ACE is a bleach advertisement and it shows that womens are a symbolisation of cleansing and housework. Also, in Istikbal advertisement, althoug h woman coming from work is tired , she serves to her husband. another(prenominal) point is that sound of authority belongs to men in advertisements because men assure women mostly. For example, in Kolsa, carpet detergent, advertisement, man talk with woman and help her the cleaning and it shows that men dominate over women. In conclusion, women are shown by their body or housework in advertisements.

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