Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Brief for Comedy Films Coursework

I am going to change the have Way out West by Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel. I am going to break the pictorial matter so that it would be like a painting which would be created at present time. I will have to follow the gravestone concepts of prank picture palaces and the story line of the film will be unploughed the same. There will be a different cast of meanss and actresses and at that place names will have to be different from the film in 1937.The generic conventions for a drollery film would be the following* floor* Setting* mortal to laugh at* Someone to laugh with* Someone to sympathize with* Happy Ending* Music* Facial Expressions* Goal/ impersonal* Innocence* Moral Messages* womanly RoleA buffoonery necessarily a Narrative because this is basically the story line. The story line in comedy film will unremarkably straight forward. For example in the film The Nutty Professor the basic story line is about a fat person who wants to be thin and faces problem whi le doing this. The orbit disunites the sense of hearing whether the subject which is happening at a certain time period is an every daytime situation or whether it is over exaggerated. For example the time of day would change the effect on the interview because if it was a dark fierce night wherefore you would know that something grownup was going to happen plainly if it was a bright sunny day then you would expect things in the film to be happy which is usually were the comedy falls into locate rather than the execrable air divisions were the audience sympathizes with the thespian/actress.A comedy film inevitably someone to laugh at because if this was not include then the film would most probably not be strange at all. The person who you laugh at is usually the primal actor/actress and usually brings down the tension or sadness from segment of the film. This is the actor/actress who has problems in there life in family and social aspects. For example in The nutty p rofessor the actor Eddie Murphy who play Sherman Clump he has problems in his life where he is unable to talk to his family about his problems of being fat and socially he has problems with finding a partner for himself. He wants someone to be sexually attracted to him. Usually in these cases the people add up so wound up in trying to do something that they forget about the most distinguished things which can be the moral of the film.A comedy film unavoidably someone to laugh with excessively with the person to laugh at. This person is very much the protagonist. The protagonist is someone who usually annoys the main actor and causes fights and arguments. This person usually annoys the actor by getting to something or someone before him or destroying the persons plans. He is also the person who usually teases someone about there physical appearance or the physical appearance of a love one. It is usually the funniest person in the film for example The nutty professor in the means of Buddy Love who teases Sherman Clump about his physical appearance and also steals the fille of his dreams.Someone to sympathize with is usually the key actor. For example The nutty professor by the means of Sherman Clump who although is the key actor is also the person that the audience sympathizes with and the audience can interact with by the means of some people whitethorn have experiences of there physical appearance. There is usually music to compeer the times where the audience is suppose to sympathize with the person. The music is usually sluggish tempo and quite lofty pitched.Every comedy film needs a happy ending because it makes the audience come out of the film feeling happy about there life and things atomic number 18 supposed to be funny to make you happy so it would not be correct to have a funny film with a sad ending because that may effect the way you look at the film and the story line or morals of the film. The narrative resolves and everything goes back to regular completing the equilibrium.The music of the comedy film plays a major part in the mood or subject of what is happening. If something sad is happening then the music will be slow tempo and usually high pitched. If there is a funny or happy part of the story the music will usually be of high tempo and up beat. This usually tells the audience in advance whether something good or large(p) happens.Facial expressions play a major part in films and are easy to make the audience laugh. The facial expressions can also tell the audience whether the person is happy or sad or whether a happy or sad event is going to happen. Actors such as Jim Carrey use facial expressions a lot in there film which is what has made them so popular. The protagonist usually uses his/her facial expression to an advantage. This also sets them apart from the rest of the cast.There is always a goal/ nonsubjective in a comedy film because if there wasnt then what would be the point of the film. There wou ld be no story line to the film and the audience would find it boring.Innocence can play a part in comedy films where the villain works against the innocence pr the pigboat triumphs over the villain unknowingly. This could mean that there is a villain exactly is a part of one persons feelings or views on a particular proposition subject. The person who is innocent can also be the person that the audience sympathizes with.Moral Messages is something that comedy films have such as good/bad/, right/wrong etc. These are always followed in comedy films. These moral messages can make the audience retrieve about what they are doing wrong in there own life or think about what they are actually doing right in there life.Female Role has a major part on a comedy film. The female role is usually has a love interest with the key actor and usually plays the supporting role. The female also creates sympathy for the trio role for example in The nutty professor the women creates sympathy for She rman Clump as he wants her to be a part of his life but he cant get that because things keep going wrong with his life of people keep messing things up for him.

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