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Laws and Regulations Essay

IntroductionBritish oil colour is the USs largest corporation. One of the largest oil producers, BP services globally for billions of dollars distributively year. BP distributes oil and innate(p) gas all over the world. British Petroleum has run into some(prenominal) problems with federal edicts over many years. Because of sanctuary issues against the communities OSHA had to investigate many era for oil m let ouths and natural gas leaks. Coca Cola is also integrity of the largest companionship beverage companies on the world. Coca Cola was used at first to cure addicts but the n it was revamped and used for making drinks for every matchless. like BP, Coca Cola had its issues with the faithfulness as well. They have been accused of violating gentle rights, pesticides in the groundwater, and finding cancer causing chemicals in the soft drinks. In 2008 it was concluded that Coca Cola was in direct violation FDA for health risk. We allow for comp atomic number 18 and cont rast the risks of expertty regulations, OSHA violation, product safety and liability, histrions compensation, and oeuvre entropy security and property protection from Coca Cola and British Petroleum.OSHAThe occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act) of 1970 is a federal regulation that establishes and enforces health and safety policy in the workplace (Goetsch, 2008). It covers private empyrean employers and employees and encourages states to participate in health and safety political programs. States that participate receive half(a) of its funding from the federal government (, 2011). In the advent of increasing consciousness and dressing of health and safety, company safety representatives must be streetwise on laws, regulations and liability.The OSH Act requires employers to maintain statistical health and safety establishs and to key out occupational illnesses and injuries under certain conditions at each company location. The reporting conditions are the sticking Death of one or much proles, one or more days away from work, restricted motion or restrictions to the work that an employee can do, loss of consciousness of one or more workers, transfer of an employee to an new(prenominal) job, medical treatment beyond in-house first guardianship (if it is not on the first-aid list, it is considered medical treatment), and any other condition listed in Appendix B of the rule (Goetsch, 2008, p. 121).Employers are responsible for informing employees roughly health and safety practices, laws, and regulations. OSHA regulations apply to BP and Coca-Cola with some deviation because of the nature of the business. OSHA regulations entangle general indus crusade standards and it provides health and safety training programs for employees and employers. In the give way few years, BP has been under much scrutiny. OSHA fined BP $87.4m for safety violations that led up to the 2005 Texas city refinery explosion (Walter, 2009). In 2010, BPs Gulf of Mexico oil spill is pipe down under investigation by the government. Insiders blame the spill on BPs decision to shortcut procedures and skip a quality test (Casselman & Gold, 2010). diametric BP, Coca-Cola received OSHA recognition in 2009 for having the highest employee safety and health standards at its Milesburg, PA site (, 2009). workers CompensationAccording to Goetsch (2008) the concept of workers compensation developed as a way to digest injured employees to be compensated appropriately without having to take their employer to court (Overview of Workers Compensation, p. 174). British Petroleum (BP) and Coca-Cola are large organization with locations nearly the world. Both organization have over 90,000 workers worldwide and have worker compensation plans to make sure injured employees are cared for. According to Ramos impartiality (2011), workers at speed of light nurture injuries similar to that of other factory employees. These workers suffer shoulder in juries from repetitive jobs such as mixing formula k hot injuries from onus product or back pain from general warehouse jobs (Hurt eyepatch Working at Coca-Cola or in the Beverage Industry?, para. 1). Coke needs to do a risk analysis and provide training to reduce the amount of workers compensation claims.British Petroleum (BP) had a large oil spill in April of 2010 off the Gulf of Mexico in which BP chartered over 20,000 people to help clean up the disaster. The care, training and preventive cogwheel for the cleanup crews was below safety standards. Training and protective gear could be the cause of the workers compensation claims that BP has will keep back to receive. According to Johnston Moore & Thompson Attorneys at Law (2011), seven oil spill workers were hospitalized on May 26 after experiencing nausea, dizziness and headaches. Four more were hospitalized on May 28, two of whom were admitted for chest pains (First Workers Compensation Cases Building for anele Spill Cle anup, para. 4). The fumes from the oil and the touching of the hazardous material to try and reduce the damage caused many to become sick. The safety standards of BP are being questioned for both the workers and the surrounding areas that were hit by this devastating oil spill. merchandise Safety and LiabilityProduct safety and liability is a law that was created to hold distributors, retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers responsible for injuries caused from the product (Goetsch, 2008). This law was somaed so that in the event injury occurs the consumer is protected. There are a number of different concepts that have laid the groundwork for the product liability law. The four major reasons that the laws were created were from, negligent manufacture, breach of warranty, strict liability in tort, and negligent design (Goetsch, 2008). Companies must take the time to determine that the products that have been designed support the safety standards to prevent potential instances fr om occurring. Coca Cola ensures that the product safety and liability is met by measuring the product and package requirements against the company standards.The company uses The Coca-Cola Management Systems which is a quality management system that maintains the companys operations worldwide, maintain the Coca-Cola standards (, 2011). BP has been under the analysis for quite some time since the oil spill occurred that caused millions of dollars in damage to the Gulf of Mexico. Since that time BP has created new ideas to monitor the waters that hold different oil rigs, these have been created to ensure quality monitoring.BP has created an observation program that will support constant monitoring. (, 2011) This will allow for the creation of quality monitoring preventing additional instances of the oil spill occurring in the future. This is main(prenominal) part of the product liability and safety program to ensure that the company follows the guidelines required to prevent future liabilitys from occurring. This new quality monitoring will be able to find changes within the water quality, marine mammal vocalizations and weather and water temperature (, 2011). work Data and Property certificateIn the workplace the most important option to the company is security and protection. Companies spend millions of dollars creating systems to protect all the as institutes and info that passed through a system. At BP, system security over their info tying global partnerships each refinery is a goal amongst the company. British Petroleum train each employee to keep reading confidential and away from media if at that place is a minor incident. The risk of an employee breaking that code of silence about(predicate) vital information is likely to happen.They have contracts to state employees cannot talk to media or there will be consequences that could ultimately lead to termination. Environmental Protection Agency protects the property and materials produced by BP. EPA keeps the regulation on what products are safe for BP to use to drill oil. Coke Cola has similar issues of security, but they are interested in keeping new products under the table so they can have the advantage over their competition once they lay out a product. Their data protection requires a secure system as well. Both IT departments make sure systems do not get hacked by putting up server walls on the system.The security side of the results of companywide is an enterprise-level record of reference that becomes the official record for a given employee, customer, supplier, facility or other entity. Records of reference are the gold standard against which all other records in the system must be validated. These bind together the toilet of company data and are at the core of the master data management approach to enterprise-wide integration (Goetsch, 2008). Although other large corporations are developing their own information frameworks, BPs d esign is unique in that it specifically complements BPs decentralized business structure. Casselman and Gold (2010) describes a situation in which a BP employee might have multiple records in one or more human resource databases, making it time-consuming to weed out the duplicate data.ConclusionThere are many risks and contrasting information between the Coca Cola and British Petroleum. Both must follow rules and regulations of OSHA and federal laws in order to stay in business. Both companies had their plowshare of setbacks when it came to employees and safety issues that made the public eye. Both companies continue to make billions of dollars and each year as the rules change they are learning to change with (2011) BP Deploying coming Unmanned Water Quality Monitoring Vehicles in Gulf of Mexico. Retrieved from http// Casselman, B. and Gold, R. (2010). BP decisions set stage for disaster. Curren t, 524,14-16. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete.Goetsch, L. (2008). 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