Thursday, March 21, 2019

Graduation Speech -- Graduation Speech, Commencement Address

I am extremely proud to be devoted the opportunity to address you all during this wonderful and momentous celebration. Each and all(prenominal) one of you deserves the greatest congratulations. You have paid a price to be here put sweat, frustration, anger, effort, tears, blood and now triumph into your years at Napier High School. You all should be incredibly proud of yourselves. You know that you sham your life whatever you want. And what you put in, you get out. Like the cross sylvan girls motto Where you find success you find sacrifice, if you give, you shall receive. But dont expect results correctly away. Some things take time. And dont expect your goals to come easily. Life is filled with chastisement expect obstacles at every corner. Why? Because chances are theyre going to be there. But its not what happens when you are faced with adversity, its how you react to it. Be fashionable through triumph and failure and if you get knocked down or stepped on. bear up, brush y ourself off and start running again - no wait, thats another(prenominal) story. Nevertheless, you will face obstacles the key to movi...

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