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The Spanish Armada :: Papers

The Spanish ArmadaThe Spanish Armada was a fleet assembled and dispatched by male monarch Phillip II of Spain in attempt to invade England in 1588. His attempt was unsuccessful. cigaret Elizabeth I of England held the cudgel of the armada as one of her greatest achievements, assisting the decline of the Spanish Empire. The armada had a mission of both political and religious aims. King Phillip, the leader of the Roman Catholic Spain, was not able to stop a revolution in of his Protestant subjects in the Netherlands, a revolt that began in 1566, back up by Protestant England. By 1586, Phillip had decided that he could not defeat the Dutch until he had defeated England first. Long time religious rival between Spain and England was hoped to be resolved by King Phillip in the dethroning of promote Elizabeth, reconverting England to Catholicism. The plan for conquering had begun. This plan consisted of the coordination of a fleet to sail from Spain and an armament from the Netherl ands to create a simultaneous invasion of England. His force of 130 ships and much than 30,000 men was to be led by Alonso Perz Guzmn, duke of Medina- Sidonia. England was aware of the Spanish plans, attacking it at Cdiz, Spain in 1587, succeeding in delaying it for a year. By July of 1588, the armada was spotted off the coast of England on July 29. Lord Charles Howard intercepted it with a larger English fleet near Plymouth, and for the next week do small attacks on the Spanish in battles off of Plymouth, Portland Bill, and the Isle of Wight. ineffectual to break the Spanish Armada, they waited for their chance at a big blow. The luck finally arrived when the armada anchored near Calais, France, hoping to join troops scheduled to sail from the Netherlands. Ingeniously, Howard staged ships set on fire to be sent against the armada, producing a terror that broke the Spanish formation. In the ensuing battle of Gravelines, on lofty 8, the Spanish were defeated by England and the a rmada sailed home with remaining ships that were heavily shamed to Spain 67 of the original 130 ships reached Spain, most in poor condition.

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