Friday, April 26, 2019

Marketing Plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 4

Marketing Plan - Assignment ExampleWith a drug that is abate releasing and with a longer half-life, it is possible to improve the efficiency of therapy and increase patients boldness since they will not be required to take free-and-easy doses.The product will be provided by a new company (imagined for the purpose of the assignment). This will allow for flexibility in coming up with new psyches related to business and marketing strategy. An existing company may pose unexpected strategical barriers to the plan.The target audience for pharmaceutical companies is the drug chemists and pharmacists as well as other players in the health sector. These atomic number 18 the ones directly in contact with the target customer and will, therefore, link the product to the consumers.Similar products are available in the market. The REHZ drug is available as a combination of all the four briny drugs used in pulmonary TB. The drug makes it more convenient for patients to take a single digging s as opposed to several tablets daily.Even with the existing similar product in the market, the new idea has a distinctive competitive advantage over the rest. This is because the REHZ is belt up taken daily, a factor which still does not improve on the efficiency. The new drug will not be required daily because of the slow, extended-release

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