Saturday, April 13, 2019

Native americans Essay Example for Free

inbred americans EssayNative Americans are known for umteen different qualities they had as a part of their lifestyle. Native Americans have been living in the Americas for more an(prenominal) years. During their term period, we learned so much from them. Most of the information that was found, was by the movie The Last of the Mohicans and the three simple eye myths. There are many different Native American tribes that factor out cultural differences, in which usually includes nature, hybridity, and a civilization clash. Nature is one of the main aspects that Native Americans show respect to. In the movie The Life of the Mohicans the Mohicans, one of the Native American tribes, show respect to the animal that they killed by magnanimous thank you to him. Sometimes nature can be a bad thing, in which it surrounds the characters and complicates their battles and their chances for survival. In the movie, the Mohicans use nature in order to track their enemies, which in this c ase the Hurons In the origin myths, nature was what started this institution and created mankind. Many Native Americans now in days still show respect for nature. There were many kinds of hybridity shown in the movie.Hybridity is the mixing of separate elements into one whole. Hawkeye is an example of hybridity because white by blood but Indian by habit. In the novel, Cora is a hybrid because her mother was black and her father was white. When nature and culture shake up it makes a hybridity, just like what the Mohicans did in the movie. By the end of the nineteenth century, hybridity became very popular by rapid developments in genetic. When the Native Americans lived in the Americas, they were not alone. There was a culture clash betwixt the Native Americans and the Europeans. In the movie, the Hurons and the Europeans did not get along.The Europeans would take by force the Native Americans Most of the Europeans killed the Native Americans for no particular reason. At the end, the ones getting involved in the small battle were the Mohicans and the Hurons. Even though both of the tribes were related, there were some differences that they had. Native Americans were well known for their culture and different lifestyles. The Native Americans had many beliefs of their different gods. The Native Americans had different tribes, but they all show respect to nature, some kind of hybridity, and the culture clash that they were involved in.

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