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Nike Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Nike - Research Paper ExampleThis is to say that the alliance is one of the richest companies in Oregon. Mission statement and goals Nikes Mission statement is To bring inspiration and origin to every athlete in the world. According to Bill Bowerman, everybody who has a body is an athlete. The fellowship therefore aims at bringing inspiration and innovation to the entire humanity. The participation has five goals for its business processes. These argon, to provide an environment which develops individuals to maximise their contribution to Nike, to provide innovative and quality products and services both internally and externally, to identify consumer segment opportunities that be focused, to establish and nurture good emotional ties with groups of consumer and to maximize profits ( 1). History and products Nike was founded in January 1964 by Philip Knight, a shack athlete in the University of Oregon, and his coach Bill Bowerman. They gave the company the nam e Blue Ribbon Sports . Initially, the company choked as a distributor for Onitsuka Tiger (the current ASICS), a Japanese shoe maker. At that time, it was reservation high sales at local track meetings and other evens related to sports out of an automobile that belonged to Knight. The company grew rapidly and opened its origin retail store in 1967. By 1971, its relationship with Onitsuka was almost stop and Blue Ribbon Sports prepared to launch its protest line of shoes that would bear the Swoosh in vogue(p) designed by Carolyn Davidson ( 1). In January 1971, Nike first used the swoosh and released its first group of products named Nike and bearing the swoosh. Their first products were instigators of truck running shoes. In 1978, Knight and Bowerman changed the name of the company to Nike corporation. By 1980, the company had taken all over almost half of the athletic footwear market even without TV advertisements. Since then, the company has expanded and as of November 2008, it had acquired some companies to become its own major subsidiaries. These are Converse Inc, Umbro, Cole Haan and Hurley International and Nike Golf. Other Nike subsidiaries are Bauer NIKE Hockey Inc and Exeter Brands Group LLC. Nike produces a vast range of sports equipment and athletic wear. Currently, the company produces a variety of shoes, shorts, jerseys, baselayers and other types of sportswear designed for use in a range of sport like basketball, ice hockey, cricket, tennins, lacrosse and other track and field sports. The name Nike is the name of a Greek goddess of victory and Nike Corporation markets all its products under its own name. This also include Nike Pro, Nike Golf, Nike+, Nike Skateboarding. Some of the products produced or sold by its subsidiaries are marketed under different brand names for example Air Jordan/Jordans which are sold by its Jordan brand subsidiary. Manufacturing, marketing and supply reach In order to meet its global demand, N ike has contracted over 700 shoe factories and these factories are now manufacturing Nike-branded products. almost of the contacted factories are located in Asia including China, India ,Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia. CRS Wire. (2005). Manufacturing and marketing is therefore achieved is therefore through subsidiaries and contracted companies. Currently, the company operate in over 160 countries globally. Nike recognised the need develop a well-coordinated and efficient SC for the

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