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Press release assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Press release assignment - Essay ExampleThat is a key element in a successful implore release. Another key element is to burble up why both companies are good for iodin another, how do the two companies complement separately other? You need to indicate the similarities they have but also how is each the missing piece of the posture for the other. The final element is to tell shareholders how this provide effect their bottomline. The reason people invest money in companies is because they want a return on their profit. Shareholders want to know how much money go out they catch up with from this? If all of this can be done, the conceive will probably be approved. It is important to remember that how the deal is reflected in the press can have a direct influence on the price of the companies shares. closely investors get much of their information from reading business journals and newspapers. They care what reporters and analysts think. The key message from such press releases is to be very positive.ExamplesDow Jones- New Corp. http// HP Compaq http// Avaya Silver Lake http// Intel McAfee http// Question 2 Write the press release. 350 words. Press Release For immediate Release twelfth January 2011 BHP Billiton to acquire Anadarko rock oil for $10 billion. BHP Billiton and Anadarko Petroleum today announced that they have entered into a clear and unambigious capital of New Hampshire under which BHP Billiton will purchase Anadarko Petroleum shares at a price of $55.90 per share of Anadarko Petroleum jet stock in cash. The transaction has been approved by both BHP and Anadarko Petroleum boards of directors. It will be a boon to investors. The combination of BHPs global scale and financial strength with Anadarko Petroleum excellent counsel and oil fields will certainly enhance BHPs ability to participate more acutely in the oil and gas markets. Anadarko Petroleums natural gas fields are particularly appealing as this is a fast growing sector of the energy market. This is truly a great deal. Anadarko Petroleum is one of the finest companies out there. Anadarko Petroleums innovative gas-capturing technology is ideal to expand BHPs profit in this sector, said Joe Davids, chief operating officer of BHP Billiton. This is going to be an excellent deal for everyone involved. Throughout the negotiations we have had the best interests of shareholders in mind. The merger will happen soon, he said, and much of Anadarkos staff will join BHP. The new head office will be BHPs current office. The new company will be called BHP Billiton. Most of Anadarkos management will be kept on. The new company will work quickly to develop new plans and seize on new opportunities. BHP is a world leader in so many sectors, said J.D. McDade, CEO of Anadarko Petroleum. It is a true pleasure to join them on this remarkable adventure. We are happy to join the BHP family. The best is heretofore to come. Under the terms of the acquisition, Anadarko Petroleum stockholders will receive $55.90 in cash for each share of Anadarko Petroleum common stock that they hold at the closing of the deal. The acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions, including and not limited to the receipt of domestic and foreign regulatory approvals and the approval of Anadarko Petroleums stockholders. There are a digit of pro forma regulatory conditions which must be met. Due diligence must be completed. The transaction is anticipate to close during BHP

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