Monday, April 22, 2019

Quality assurance Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Quality assurance - Assignment ExampleWithout the customers, it is believed that flavour would not be a concern in this case. Pleasing the customer in this principle is key for the sustenance of the organization. Therefore, a customers taste and preference has constantly to be take aim sexn so as to know the part required.Organizations constantly thrive to become better than they were before due to the ever competing and changing world. human race beings argon always dynamic in nature and tend to change with what is on the trend. Companies too have to do so by improving towards the better. This can be achieved in total quality counsel by ensuring that they have implemented changes in their production process that would lead to efficacy and fork overance of quality products and services. Through comparison with the past, good companies always works towards improving on their performance (Asher 2002, p.78).Successful companies ensure that they deliver quality products and servic es through emphasizing on improvement of factors of production. Labour for instance can be shaped to become better through proper training and recruitment of qualified staff members suitable for the job.Organizations tend to have certain type of suppliers that deliver high quality goods. In case of possessing many a(prenominal) suppliers, there those who will deliver low quality goods at a high price, whereas there are those who will stick to their principles and supply the best they can offer at an affordable price. It is always essential for organizations to maintain such suppliers close to them than those who deliver poor quality products.The two most important structures in management that can contribute greatly to effective quality assurance and high customer happiness is by having a team of qualified workers plus a quality assurance department that is working. counterbalance of all, in order for an organization to have skilled workers that will work efficiently and deliver quality products and

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