Monday, May 13, 2019

What is the Word Love Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

What is the ledger Love - Essay ExampleLove is something that individuals know from the very beginning. A mother whispering to an unborn baby is one of the first base signs of retire that a human is shown. From the beginning of an individuals life, it is believably that love is the first fingering they feel. In the very beginning God created man. Man was entirely. Since man was alone God loved man and he created a muliebrity (Genesis 216) this woman go outed man to feel love. Love is one of the first feelings since the beginning of creation. The love between a man and a woman ar one of the greatest feelings of love. Love between a man and woman produce an lettered and sexual form of love. These forms of love are what allow men and woman to want to beseem unify to one a nonher. Marriage is one of the oldest symbols associated with loving one another. Intimate and sexual forms of love allow individuals to become attracted to one another. This attraction allows chemicals in the brain to release endorphins that make people feel reasoned. This feeling of good is all possible because of love. The love a man and woman share can lead to having children and lift a loving family. Love is something that is taught to children and carried with them their whole life. When a child is shown love, the child loves others and teaches that love to their own children. grapple IN ACTION Children that are shown love from the beginning are more likely to love others. pleasing others can be shown. Because of this, love is so much more than just a word delimitate in the dictionary. Love is an action. Love as an action is amazing. There are so many shipway to show love as an action. People show love everyday as an action. From infants to adults, people are able to show love. Babies show love by crying when person they love walks away. The babies cry because they love that person and do not want to see them go. Children love in action when they hug someone else that th ey see hurt. They hug to show that they love. Teenagers show love as an action when they experience there first kiss. That first kiss is a sigh of love. An adult bringing home a bouquet of flowers is demonstrate love as an action. Love in action is without a doubt amazing. Love can be shown by picking up the phone and calling an old friend. Love can be shown by hanging up a photo of someone who is missed. People perform these actions because of love. No other perception would show such an experience. This is why love is an experience in itself. Although love is able to show actions that are pleasing, love can also show actions that may be tough and hurtful at times. A parent may discipline a child because of a tough form of love. Love as a tough action is important for all individuals. Being shown tough love can allow someone to learn and gain from the experience. When someone close does something that seems hurtful at the time, it is likely because they love. Doing things that ma y not seem right are necessary to prove a geological period. An individual would not bother proving the point if it was not for love. Love can also cause intense and inappropriate actions of love.

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