Saturday, June 22, 2019

Child adolence and development Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Child adolence and development - Research Paper ExampleIn my days as a child, I was carefree with no worries at all. I would wander like a deer upon the open fields. I enjoyed various natural beauties in the gardens unitedly with my other friends.The days gone are gone forever. What I have are only memories that remain in my mind. The memories make me cry and laugh at times. Nevertheless, it is impossible to cut out them from life. For such reasons, childishness memories are said to be the sweetest in mans life. I also got several memories of my childhood life. The memories present the sweetest time of my mind.My childhood memories are indeed sweet. No one can forget his/her childhood experiences whether painful or pleasant. I still record my childhood life very well. I was born in the suburbs of Illinois where I spent my childhood. My father was employed by the government. Home was a simple phratry where we lived happily together with my parents, sisters and brothers. That is no t all there was another family member. That is my grandmother. She was humble and affectionate. I remember her trying to teach me recite some sayings and quotes. That was at an earlier age and my mind weak to capture them, speaking was still difficult task. She showed love to me most than other family members. The memories are bitter for I lost her a few years ago. Am lucky for my parents are still alive up to today. Both mum and dad have been by best teachers in language. They taught me how to pronounce simple words like no, yes, come, and go.There was a ground in front of our house. Paddy and other crops had heavy(a) in the ground. The beautiful golden color of the paddy field attracted me a lot. Every afternoon, I walked to the playground through the paddy field. The paddy plants always moved(p) me. I got mixed up in the midst of the beauty of nature. I loudly named each flower as I went by playing. Though the names hardly meant anything, but at least I was better than

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