Monday, June 10, 2019

MIS in business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

MIS in line of employment - Essay ExampleMIS is part of the IT spectrum which deals with great deal, information, technology and business. MIS can be a key aspect in the finish making and the task analysis of the confederation which is dealing with technology and business.Now lets move our discussion to Information Systems and types of Information System. An Information System can be defined as a collection of hardware, software, people and data and which are integrated to generate information which caters the need of various organizations and which support various periodic activities. Information can be classified as two sections internal information systems and external information systems. Internal information systems as the name necessitate deals with information pertaining to the details of the company. It talks about how the internal data of the company regarding various activities can be managed and manipulated. And further it talks about how it affects the state of t he business details of the economy of the company.The major point is that the external information systems talks about the concept of Business to Business Solutions (B2B) An external system can do well if it follows work flow steps for a process to operate at B2B level. A company should receive and validate the request message which is destined for an external IS to fetch business data. It should select as particular IS and based on it should run orders, manage interactions with external IS. then this way company stands at better position to handle the information and as such can place itself in a better strategic position in the market. Thus Internal & External Information Systems are very essential for the up gradation of the information level of a department in a business organization.Now that we know about Information Systems, Lets move ahead by discussion managing information through information management. Information management can be defined as handling or managing of the information which has been gathered from various sources in order to optimize the accessibility of the information which is used by the various departments of the organization. One of the major advantages of using Information system for management as tool is that it is very effective and efficient and thus these factors propel the growth of the company in a positive manner. One major limitation of information management is that the amount of information present and usage of tools and techniques to manage information has go through to the problem of information overflow and thus it makes us understand that we need to adopt effective strategies in order to overcome the limitation. In general whenever we talk about the information systems and its types, we come across five different types of IS. They areOffice Automation System Office Automation System or OAS helps the people working in the office workspace to process personal and organizational data, create documents and perform cal culations in an effective manner. They are useful because they increase the productivity of the firm system. The subparts of OAS are communication systems and groupware systems. Example for OAS could be a word processing software, spreadsheets etc. Departmental Systems As the name implies Departmental Systems deals with individual departments present in an organization. These could be Manufacturing and production systems, Sales and

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