Saturday, June 8, 2019

Rise and fall of World Empires Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Rise and fall of World Empires - Term Paper ExampleJust like numerous another(prenominal)(a) empires of its time, the Roman Empire relied heavily on agriculture to boost its economy. The empire owned large tracts of agricultural land that not only provided food for the urban population but which also offered employment to a large section of individuals in the empire. The surplus food gotten from the agricultural sector was used for pot with other nations in the region. In show to facilitate trade, an extensive road network was built in the region and this made the region to have one of the topper transport infrastructures in the region. This infrastructure enabled commerce in the region to flourish something that led into the regions economic stability (Maddison 12). The Roman Empire trade and economic prosperity enhanced during the Pax Romana era, the empires well laid road and sea network made it ideal for merchants to go to every region belong to the Roman Empire. However, thi s network was not stable since after the Pax Romana ended, merchants were no longer assured of their safety of their goods while in transit. The collapse of the Pax Romana and the amplification that they had engineered also brought to an end the loss of the loot that came out of the numerous conquests engineered by the emperor, and this in many ways accelerated the collapse of the emperor (Maddison 13). In order to fund their operations, the different emperors would occasionally alter laws and come up with varied currencies something that brought chaos in the empire.

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