Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Contingency Planning in Action Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Contingency Planning in Action - Term Paper Example In case the initial plan does not work out, the organization should have already identified an alternative to curb the risk (Doughty, K. 2001). The risks should first be identified and prioritized in order of the impacts they could have to the organization. Plan development should be the next step where certain guidelines such as definition of time periods should be done. The next step should be maintenance of the plan; it should be kept practical and relevant. Rephox is an organization based in India. It has its headquarters in Mumbai and a branch in Delhi. The organization has fifty employees in total, thirty of which work at the headquarters and the rest work in Delhi. It is an organization that provides auditing and accounting services. It helps its clients with cost accounting systems, preparation of financial statements, financial reporting, internal audits and services that provide assurance. The organization depends on technology for the provision of their services to clients. It has systems that protect information systems which comply with regulatory requirements. The organization provides information controls for the reduction of costs and gaining of competitive advantage. It uses professional accreditations where personnel handling the information systems must qualify. The business faces certain threats which include internet insecurity. Internet and firewall threats also exist where viruses may infect the audit systems through online services. There is also network and data insecurity threat when transferring information from the branch to the headquarters and vice versa. The organization’s systems might be hacked into and security details such as passwords and biometric controls interfered with. The wide area network for the organization may be interfered with affecting the clients’ servers. The mission of the organization is to serve public interest. This is done by contribution to development of standards and guidance of

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