Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Paper - What is a Database Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Paper - What is a Database - Essay Example As an example of the business use of a database, an online store is a common one, and E-bay is a large database that consists of customers and sale items. It is an also an example of a database with a web-form, that is, a form where a customer can enter their contact information along with the information about the item they want to sell. As a second example that relates to this one, any business needs to track clients or customers and their respective contact information. While the following will expand on the example of an online store, it should be mentioned that most business' have customers and most customers need to be tracked, so this is a second example of a business application. An online store, like E-bay, would need at least two tables of information, and these would be a table that contained customers and their information and financial transactions, and in turn, a store would also minimally have a table that contained all of the items that were for sale. In general, a ta ble is a set of information that has unique and self-contained information. In the case of the store, one wants to establish a 'relational' [O'Neill and O'Neill 15] database – that is, one needs to link up the customers (table 1) with their inventory (e.g. table 2), but one also needs to keep this information apart.

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