Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Gilbert and Sullivan Theatrical Partnership Essay

Gilbert and Sullivan Theatrical Partnership - Essay Example Sullivan was a junior of Gilbert and he was the composer and thus he was responsible for contributing memorable melodies which successfully delivered humor along with pathos. 1 The operas were successful in providing enduring and also broad international success along with performing frequently throughout the English speaking world especially. Sullivan and Gilbert basically introduced innovations along with bright new ideas in content and also form the directly influenced development which is involved in musical theatre. This practice was famous and was popular throughout the 20th century. The operas had a huge influence on the literature, film, television and also political discourse and it was widely pastiche and parodied by a humorist. The partnership of Sullivan and Gilbert was brought together by the famous producer Richard D Oyle Carte who basically nurtured and brought together the collaborations. He was responsible for building the Savoy Theatre during the year 1881 and he also presented their joint works which were popularly known as Savoy Operas and they were also responsible for founding D Oyly Carte Opera Company which was good in performing and also promoting the Sullivan’s and Gilbert’s work as a lyricist and composer for almost over a century. Gilbert and Sullivan had played a major role in influencing the English speaking world and the pop culture. Operas of Gilbert and Sullivan had become extremely popular and the lines and quotations have become an integral part of English language. The Savoy operas have played a massive role in influencing the course of development of modern musical theatre and also the political style, literature, discourse and also advertising.  

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