Friday, October 18, 2019

The Benefits of Emergency Manager Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

The Benefits of Emergency Manager - Assignment Example The roles are explained in detail below. Ethics include enforcing justice and fairness, doing no harm, confidentiality among others (Coppola, 2010). Include a reflective section with a focus on the WMDs; what you knew about bioterrorism, WMDs, and nuclear or radiological terrorism; what you wanted to know about WMDs; and what you learned through this entire process. I have not specialized much in the in-depth knowledge about the WMDs especially the radiological terrorism as well as bioterrorism but I know a bit about the others such as chemical weapons and the nuclear weapons. I have known that these are the two most common weapons of mass destruction most likely to cause a wide impact of mass casualties and the effects are longer lasting than the other WMDs. They are also the most common ones manufactured and produced in many nations and a cause of concern by many governments (Wecht & Okoye, 2007). The information I seek the most about the WMDs is on the regulations being made by our government both the federal and state governments on containing these weapons and ensuring the protection of the people (Wecht & Okoye, 2007). This might be easy for the nuclear weapons but not so much for the chemical weapons as the chemicals can be obtained in labs including school labs or even in the black market in large quantities without knowledge of the government and this is a cause for concern. In my research and from the information provided by the interview, it is obvious that the government has put so much effort in trying to contain the WMDs from harming the people through liaising with several departments as well as universities and company laboratories among other different organizations to prevent mass destruction. I have also learned of the numerous safety measures put in place to tackle such emergency disaster in case it was to occur.

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