Thursday, November 21, 2019

To answer questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

To answer questions - Essay Example s of courage (Detmer 76).For both of Sartre’s existential concepts, I both agree that the level of courage that one has also determines his or her ability to experience freedom and authenticity. This is exemplified through various ways, and can be as simple as disagreeing to what other people say and standing up for what one believes or just agreeing even if the inner self experiences conflicts such as resentment or disbelief to what others say. Visualization and visioning may have similar principles such as forming ideas or mental images inside one’s mind, but what sets the two apart is the purpose of creating these ideas or images. In the visualization process for example, people would just generally create a mental image without any other purpose other than its creation, and after sometime this mental image is allowed to disappear without any emotional attachments to it. However, with regards to visioning, the creation of mental images or ideas is built with a purpose, and that these mental images are much more deeply-connected to what a person aspires or wants (Bennet 274). Further differences can be explained through examples: for visualization, more often than not the mental images are created at random or as deemed necessary by other people through suggestions, and a person’s feelings may or may not in effect helped create it in any way. However, if this same person tries to create a vision for the self , this mental image gains associations to a person’s emotions, in such a way that these thoughts can describe what one likes or does not like based on what emotions that these mental images can evoke (â€Å"The Secret†). In a way, visioning is a much stronger mental exercise than visualization since aside from the mind, the emotions also become involved in creating mental images, further engaging a person to this activity and

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