Friday, December 20, 2019

A Brief Paper About Dry Versus Wet Campuses - 889 Words

I was originally going to write this paper about dry versus wet campuses, but I have realized the topic is far more extensive than I previously believed. Also the class lecture on alcohol and illicit drugs was off-putting from using that topic as my own. My direction for the paper was directed towards depicting and explaining why dry campuses do not protect against illegal drinking or dangerous drinking. Finding standard statistics about binge drinking was easy, but I could not find the statistics that were directed towards what percentage occurred at â€Å"dry or wet† campuses. That simple detail was crucial to me, because that was a major facet of my viewpoint. Human nature directs that people if have the willpower towards doing something then they will do it. Drinking is a prime example except when it is done sparingly at dry campuses at least in personal insight is abused more easily. This leads to dangerous intoxication levels, and can lead to hospitalization being n ecessary. I have a specific personal reference of Alex Bost two years ago was hospitalized due to binge drinking, but that is only one example of thousands. An example is not always characteristic of the population. Last school year I observed three occasions that emergency services were used to assist and treat people who were experiencing alcohol poisoning. I know an individual who during the night of winter formal, while on Chestnut Hill’s campus was so intoxicated that she vomited on someone else’s

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