Tuesday, February 12, 2019

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LATIN the StatesWhen someone talks thoroughly-nigh Latin America the first matter that usually comes to head is a beautiful place that is mostly tenanted by poor peasant farmers who dont know much(prenominal) about anything. Maybe the only thing that comes to mind is that its just a nice place to go for vacation, that that is because Latin America is in all likelihood unfamiliar to us Americans or we just think were to entire for them. Whatever the reason being for not knowing much about Latin America is just about to change as well as the dash you view Latin America.Latin America is quite a large and kind of difficult to pin point since it starts from Mexicos take a hop with the United States of America all the way to a small island called Tierra del Fuego, but I can tell you that its south of the United States. Latin America also includes all of the Caribbean islands where almost all the countries ar despicable of hunger and bad leadership. Brazil and Argentina are two of Latin Americas strongest countries because they make up most of the common food market where other nations come to trade, buy goods and buy cash crops. There is a lot of fertile land and plantations in Latin America that let goods such as sugarcanes and tropical fruits. There are places like commode ranges where people do live, but eventually wealthy person to leave because of the conditions so most of those people end up living in the cities and have to find work which is very hard and leads to poverty in the cities. The cities are one of the weirdest places in Latin America simply because of the people and way of life. In the city you can see Lexus parked right undermentioned to a donkey and see a millionaire right next to a woman walking barefoot carrying her child and a bucket on her head. These are everyday life occurrences that give you a clue on how things are in Latin America.Human Life is actually adorn second in Latin America to working and because of this there i s omit of educational and future opportunities. That is a reason for so many emigrants in the U.S people see that there is no hope for their children so they conserve up money and come on boats that will free them from their depression.Latin America is a dominant Roman Catholic region though Protestants are on the rise.

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