Monday, February 11, 2019

We Are Not A One Language Nation Essays -- Argumentative Essay

We Are Not A One Language Nation My mother always told me, Before adjudicate someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That piece of advice has been ingrained into me since I was a child. However, I never actually understood its importance until the pass of 2013 when I went on a missionary trip to Mexico. I had never been to another country, so I was unsure how to act, dress, or blend in with society. When I arrived in Mexico, the buildings, city, and people all looked much different than can home in small town Iowa. A new panorama came over me when I looked at the road signs and had no idea what they said. I could credit my partial understanding only to my three years of senior high school Spanish but, beyond that, I was lost and left to abide for myself. This was the first time in my life, I understood what it felt the likes of to be different than the majority, and I felt self-conscious of my every move. That hebdomad I spent in Mexico will forever remain in my memory. It w as the only time in my life that I can passably comprehend how difficult it must be to live in a land of strangers. I was fortunate enough to be put in that uncomfortable situation and walk away a stronger person. Since I returned Ive seen how unfair it is for people to assume that immigrants should immediately assimilate into our culture without steady thinking about how difficult it actually is, or what their life is really like. My trip to Mexico lasted for only one week, and then I went home to my friends, family, and everything I grew up with. Immigrants to the United States dont have this luxury, and are confront with difficult situations every day. My biggest decision every day is what to wear, or if I should tape my soap opera. However, people who dont s... america.htmlThe national shopping center for ESL literacy education. (2003, September 17). Retrieved November 10, 2013, from http// Ng, V. (2002, No vember 25). Why is America a multicultural but monolingual society? Retrieved November 10, 2013, from http// Okamoto, L. (2001, March 30). 100 rally to knowledge official-English bill. Retrieved November 3, 2013, from http// /c4780934/14240519.htmlPublic policy and the far right. Retrieved November 9, 2003 from http// /public_policy_far_right.htmlSmith, H. (1997, October 6). English only device does more harm. Retrieved November 3, 2013, from http//

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