Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Allegory of the Cave Essay -- essays research papers

What is fairness? What is the loyalty, of what truth is? There are many answers to this question. Each answer may lie different, inside of each person. Only you know what truth is to you. In this essay I will describe what truth is to me, how I roll truth, and whether I believe truth to be good or bad. I will then compare and contrast my idea of truth, to that of Platos truth, from his ideas in Allegory Of The Cave.First of all we have, what is truth to me? Well for my definition of truth we can turn right to Mr. Webster and see that he says, that truth is sincerity or trustworthyyTo me truth is exactly what you think or how you feel. law to me is not veiled by anything, making the real truth each more positive or negative. Truth is simply whats on your mind, exactly how you feel, its just plain and simple and right down to the point. How do you arrive at my kind of truth? Well its simple as stated before, you simply tell how you feel, being both honest and sincere. promptly the tougher part, how is truth verified? Truth is verified by whether its honest and sincere by who, or where it came from. This means for example, is a person express you really that they like your new haircut, or they just saying yes they do, to obviate a possibly touchy moment. Truth can only be verified by whether or not it was genuine and from the...

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