Monday, March 18, 2019

Murakami as an Existential Writer Essay -- Philosophy, Writing

Existentialism is a 20th ascorbic acid philosophy and school of literature that holds that life is meaningless and chaotic, and any airlift theories about it are useless. All that exists is the human of phenomena as perceived by our wizards. Whatever metaphysical concept that lies behind this world is not sole(prenominal) impossible to know and understand, but also holds no significant value. The only(prenominal) choice we have to make in life is to accept this world with a kind of determined joy, to discipline ourselves, and to defy the emptiness and the funny farm by finding our own meaning in life (Friedrich Nietzsche grapheme 4). Although Haruki Murakami does not directly express any existential views in What I bawl out about When I whistle about hurry and Norwegian Wood, he is a quintessential existential writer because so a good deal of existentialism involves the working out of private dilemmas. There is much focus on introversion in existentialism, and it can be seen in the lives of Murakamis characters.In What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, Murakami was facing the dilemma of participating in a 62-mile ultramarathon that took taper every June at Lake Saroma in Hokkaido, Japan (104). According to Murakami, The runners run slightly the shores of Lake Saroma, which faces the Sea of Okhotsk. Only once you actually run the course do you realize how ridiculously huge Lake Saroma is (105). The weather gradually changed from being frost to being too warm for heavy clothes during the ultramarathon (105). While Murakami was running, he began feeling intense pain in different parts of his personify (109). Even so, he felt very happy upon reaching the sex line, not so much pride as a sense of completion (115). Through running, Murakami finds his own meaning... ... Through perseverance, we overcome obstacles and find felicity in this chaotic world of ours. We find our own reasons to live and we occupy to hold our own values. All of these things are tenets of existentialism. There is no decision in life but what we make for ourselves.Works CitedFriedrich Nietzsche Part 4 - YouTube. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Web. 25 Sept. 2011. .Murakami, Haruki. What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. New York Vintage, 2007. Print.Murakami, Haruki. Norwegian Wood. New York Vintage International, 1987. Print.Island of Freedom - Sren Kierkegaard. Web. 27 Nov. 2011. .Murakami, Haruki, Alfred Birnbaum, and Jay Rubin. The Elephant Vanishes Stories. (TEV)New York Knopf, 1993. Print.

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