Thursday, March 7, 2019

Case Study-San Francisco Bay Consulting

Case 2 San Francisco Bay Consulting The problem in this event is the identification of the role of Computer Service and its relationship between it and an separate(prenominal) departments. The three solutions all have advantages and disadvantages. I think if we still cover the current system, the role of CS department remains unclear. If the staff are not clear about their role, they would behave nor as well conservative nor too risky. So whey still lack can-do attitude on occasions, because they have no criteria in their mind to judge their action.However, if we make CS a profit center, and free the researcher from their ties to CS, new problems arise. As CS could set any prices it liked and change them as often as it liked, and researcher also are allowed to go outside and purchase the figurer software and hardware they want, hopefully it can work like total ambition market. But the CS firm has no difference between other hardware store provider outside. That is to say at t hat place is no pauperization to build such an independent department inside the bon ton.It is not playing its function and create value for the companion. Besides it is a waste of judgment of conviction which rattling decrease the efficiency of the whole company. For the third solution, running CS as an expense center says the total cost would be allocated to programs or groups in proportion to hours billed. I think this the cause for the potential of promote researcher to ignore the costs. Instead I think it is better for either individual of group assume the risk for purchasing new hardware and software.So in my opinion, I think every solution have its advantages and disadvantages. And it actually also depends on the environment and style of strategy. If the company is in a world developing fast, and the company is trying to expanding itself, it is better to make CS expense department, it can encourage the researcher to apply the newest technology and make up advantage o f it. However, if the economy is not good and demand is not strong, the company is trying deducting cost, I think it is better to stick to current system.To summarize, there is no perfect system here. It depends on the economic environment and the companys strategy. Or I may come up with some other solution, but I am not sure. How about just hold dear the CS department neutral. It is actually just the service department and provides computer service to the company. The risk or gain or loss whole belongs to every consultant in the group. The staffs in CS only place fixed salary and return of company stocks.

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