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RAWWW scotti monk Essay

birthday suit, composed by Scott Monk, Brett a upstart offender is sent to a detention centre to reform and disclose a second chance in bread and butter. even, through the use of Bretts derogatory colloquialism, such as pigs in reference to the police, its do clear that Brett is resistant to the law. As a result Brett is sent to The resurrect, a facility that aims to subrtabooine young offenders lives around, by reforming them. The Farm works on the principals of care, trust and responsibility. There are no fences or guards, just the boys and parent figures Sam and Mary. There are no cells, rather bedrooms.As well as offering rehabilitation, The Farm also supplies educational facilities, as it aims to give young offenders a second chance in life, and excursions to reward the boys for their good behaviour, a justification of the trust placed on the boys. The use of descent between characters effectively portrays the ideas of protest, ossification and reform. In contrast to Brett who constantly protests against the rules through smoking, stealing from other inmates, running out-of-door and video display an arrogant attitude towards The Farm, Josh chooses to comply. Sam doesnt order me to do anything. He is my friend. I live on the farm, I do what he says.The use of dialogue shows Joshs feelings towards The Farm, its a internal to him, as it offers the structure and security that he couldnt obtain outside The Farm, conveying institutions benefit those who press to reform so they comply whilst others protest. However the effect of the institutions goes beyond the separate. The institution forces order of magnitude to stereotype those who reside in them, depriving individuality and is supported through Mr Douglas in stinging, it may have a fancy name, but it is still a jail for criminals, and Toby, in fille Interrupted, them, theyre eating grapes off the wallpaper.The structure of The Farm is base around care and responsibility. Brett conforms to these ideas to invalidate cosmos sent a derrieretha to Sydney. However, Sam, salientian and Josh all find something to like about Brett and save him many times from being sent back to Sydney, for example when he ran away from The Farm. Brett tries to return the favour by dropping his attitude and in turn grows, learning to accept responsibility and show compassion for others. Bretts diversity in character is most evident when he attempts to avoid contend Smiling Joe I wearyt want to get into a fight.Just let me take the kid. Brett grows here, as he tries to avoid fighting Smiling Joe at all costs to avoid putt Frogs safety at risk. Brett only uses violence as a stretch out option, compared to the beginning of the text where violence was the only course of action to adjudicate problems that arose. Brett resorts back to protest after a fall out with Caitlyn, a girl he falls in love with, which results in Brett being sent back Sydney. This enforces what Sam repeatedly says t o Brett throughout the text, only you wad change your lifeThis shows that the institution is only express mail by the individuals compliance and willingness to reform. Bretts change in attitude is common sense through the symbolism of the storm. The storm depicts the washing away of Bretts agone and the beginning of a fresh incoming. The sun resembles a bright future showing how the institution gives Brett a second chance in life and his change in attitude towards life. Susana Kaysen, in Girl Interrupted, directed by James Mangold, sleeps with a married doctor, which she regrets and resorts to consuming a feeding bottle of aspirin and vodka.As a result Susanas parents believe she necessarily delay and force her to admit herself to Claymoore, an upscale psychiatric institution that allows rest and rehabilitation. Claymore operates around a rewards system. The more a patients complies and rehabilitates, the more privileges that patient receives, such as ground privileges. Sus anas instability and disorientation of her motive is revealed through the use of constant jump cuts, jumping from past to present, as well as the use of an unstable camera, close-ups and the high angle blastoff of Susana in the hospital bed in the opening scenes of the movie.Susana, similarly to Brett, protests at first. For example when the girls escape into the basement to play bowling, sneak into the doctors office to read out reasons for their confinement and Susana escaping from Claymore with Lisa, showing Susanas protest and her denial of her condition. After seeing Daisy dead in her accept home, Susana returns to the institution. The use of the road in the mid-shot symbolises Susanas journey from denial to realisation, which ends her protest. On return to Claymore, Susana complies with the rules and receives the emotional and psychiatric support that she knew she regarded, like Brett in Raw.After much improvement Susana is released, showing that the institution is only li mited by the individuals compliance and willingness to reform. In contrast to Raw and Girl Interrupted the song Prisoner of Society sung by The Living End refers to a younger genesis crying out for givingdom. The opening line of the song portrays that the younger extension doesnt wish to abide by the rules and regulations society has set. Well we dont need no one to tell us what to do The first someone view allows sympathy to be directed to the younger generation.This and the use of wrong(p) grammer, so common to rebellious teenagers, helps portray the message of the song, which is that todays youth are prisoners of the older generations society, which alienate the younger generation and preferably of looking for support and comfort, they thrive to rebel against these rules and law enforcement bodies, with the institution of society having no effect on the younger generation as they dont comply and dont want to reform. This creates the younger generations culture, competition they are their own society.Well we dont need no one The repetition of this phrase shows a generalisation that the younger generation holds towards authority, indicating a preconception towards authoritative figures. The final lines of the song links back to the title and meaning of the song. Youll see Im not the foe Just a prisoner of society These lines convey to that the younger generation feels confined and trapped by society. Society has an expectation the younger generation will either follow the laws that are set down or protest against these laws.If protest is chosen, society will punish the rebels. As you can see, this text has many parallels to Brett in Scott Monks, Raw. Brett also wishes to be free to do as he pleases, however, Sam has set rules, which must be followed. The derogatory colloquialism such as old goat in reference to Sam shows the same generation gap the song negotiation about. This reinforces the argument made about Raw and Girl Interrupted that the instit utions ask on the individual is limited by the individuals compliance and willingness to conform.

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