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Sufism Essay -- essays research papers

SufismSufism, some otherwise cognize as Islamic Mysticism, is a branch of Islam. Itdeals with fussy powers that are contained in the Quran. It is a morephilosophical approach, where a person tries to become bingle with nature, and qualitythe power of God. The term mysticism nates be peg downd as the consciousness of theOne Reality -- be it c whollyed Wisdom, Light, Love or Nothing. (Shcimmel 23)A Sufi tries to unite his will with Gods will. They try to isolatethemselves, so they tolerate fear and become almost to God. By isolating themselves, aSufi tries to stay a commission from politics and public affairs, so as to a fault not getcorrupted. The Sufis path is a path of love, to be appreciative of all Godsbounties. Many Sufis try to help individuals in trouble. They use specialpowers, which enable them to help people who are suffering. Of course this powercan only be given by God, and Sufis in no way equal to Gods power. In fact,Sufis that claim to be at the same prete nd of God cannot be classified as aMuslim. (Frager 11)Sufis variant love, because they study that love will help you in theDay of Judgement. That the people who you sincerely love, will give you their gooddeeds, so that you may enter Paradise. ordinarily these people who give their gooddeeds away are known as dervishes (this is quite different from the belief inIslam).Sufis also stress the remembrance of God, which is called Zikr. Theytry to get close to God, to be one with God. They define God as something thatis close to you but you cant see it. That God is all around us, but Hispresence is too overwhelming to see. An example is akin fish who is in water.The fish cant really see the water, even though it is all around the fish. Oncea person realizes the presence of God, he or she will feel closer to God.(Frager 27)Sufis believe that God system hidden, so that people dont complain toHim (this however is not an Islamic belief). In Islam, Gods presence isnt seen,because He has too much power for the human eye to see. Sufis also believethat pain increases the devotion to God. To get close to God, one mustexperience pain. To suffer pain is a true campaign of faith. Life becomes a testfor that person, and if he or she remains close to God, then he or s... ...o temptation. ASufi must excite a strong will and be able to control their home(a) soul (nafs).This also part of the reason why they isolate themselves, so they do not gettempted by any worldly desires. A Sufis outside appearance should representhis inner soul. If a person does commits a sin then he/she must repent to God,and ask for forgiveness. If a Sufi sees a fault in someone else, then heshould correct. It is a Sufis duty to correct other people and help them.These beliefs are followed by many Sufis around the world. All aspectof Sufism are considered Islamic, unless the canonic principles of Islam arebroken. These basic principles are found in the Quran and also in the hadith.Anything else ad ded to the religion is called bidah, and is not accepted inIslam. Sufism deals with a whole other side of Islam, a part which deals withmystical powers and mysteries (some of which are not meant to be understood,that is only for God to know). To understand these powers and mysteries arevery difficult and take a great deal of studying and self searching. But whenone taps into these mystical powers, that person opens a door of unlimitedknowledge.

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