Tuesday, June 18, 2019

4Ps of Gap 360 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

4Ps of Gap 360 - Essay Exampleany not only provides service by providing tour plans but in any case does provides umpteen other services to make the trip of the customers very pleasant and also to satisfy the customers needs and wishes (Hoffmann, 2008, pp.87-96). The various other services that the come with offers to the customers are like providing good accommodations, good transport facilities etc. which are comfortable and also inexpensive for the customers. It also provides complementary meals to its customers on the trip like on Monday it provides a welcome dinner and a drink, on Tuesday it provides the Lunch in the same way different other meals on different days of the weak on the trip to Australia (Leader and Kyritsis, 1994, pp. 94-103).The companys biggest competitive advantage over other companies is that it provides tour packages in a vary forms and it has the flexibility to change its plans as per the customers demands as a resultant role of which the customers get lots of advantage in planning their trips based on their budget and also preference of location.Price plays a big role in this competitive market environment, with huge number of competitors existing in every industry customers harbor lots of options to choose among the various companies and products available in the market. The price set by the Gap 360 for various trips are basically customised ones away from that some of the cost for various trips are been listed below.Looking at the price ranges with the plans given by the company to the customers they are really very reasonable and affordable for the customers. This price of the plans encourages customers to come and take the services from Gap 360. The customer also gets profit by customising their tour plans as per their budget as a result of which it allows the customer to get their wish fulfilled and also this helps the company to achieve full customer satisfaction and also a good brand defecate in the market (Gap 360, 20 14).The location at which the company is

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