Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The cask of amintiliado and good son movie Essay

The cask of amintiliado and good son movie - Essay ExampleThe movie is virtually a twelve year old boy, Mark, who promises his fuss suffering from cancer that she will not die. Mark is consumed by guilt and grief after his mothers death because he is not open to keep his promise of keeping her alive. After the death, Mark is dropped off by his father at his uncles house while he proceeds to capital of Japan for a two week business trip.Initially, Mark practices withdrawal from the rest of the family members but he gets accustomed to his aunt and cousins. He mostly becomes friends with his cousin Henry, whom they flatten so much time together. Nevertheless, Mark starts to observe a number of Henrys views of fun significantly differ from his own. Henrys parents disdain to listen to Mark when he informs them of their childs dangerous behavior (Ruben 1). Montresor and Henry are actually identically evil characters and through their example, evil exists.In my view, both Montresor and Henry are identical characters. I also believe evil exists in both Montresor and Henry. One characteristic that Montresor exhibits is that of vengeance. Montresor makes a decision to tomboy therole of the whole justice system as executioner, jury, and judge. At no single point is Montresor considerate of the consequences of his actions because he is certain that his actions are defensible. It may be argued that Montresor is a threatening character. He is an individual you would not want to have an encounter with in any setting. He is portrayed as a ruthless and frigid murderer. He both finds pleasure in killing and sees it as necessary. In fact, as he is building the stone tomb of Fortunato, Montresor says, I placed my impart upon the solid fabric of the catacombs, and felt satisfied (Poe). The fact that he is satisfied actually means that he feels no guilt at all about the murder. Moreover, according to Montresor, when Fortunato finally tells him, Will not they be awaiting us a t the palazzo,

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