Thursday, June 13, 2019

Accounting 2010 Writing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Accounting 2010 Writing - Assignment ExampleThen, I will evaluate the overall financial statements fragment and comment on the perception, readability, and usefulness. Lastly, I will explain what changes that I would make to improve the overall annual report for Exxon Mobil.Rex W. Tillerson, Chairman and CEO, provides the shareholder in a very eloquent manner the information of the successes which ExxonMobil has accomplished over the past year by showing the growth compared to the year before. Furthermore, in the letter to the shareholders he goes on to explain how they plan to move ahead in the next five years to further grow their assets and equity to keep ExxonMobil atop their manufacturing and ahead of their major competitors. And at the end of his letter to the shareholders he gives a rather formal yet enthusiastic pep talk to try and educe more investments into the company. Overall, he does a wonderful and eloquent job of conveying his message to the shareholders.The use of graphs and charts within the 2011 Annual Report of ExxonMobil allows the company to represent the information they have collected over the past year. The data collected shows comparisons to the previous years business, industry averages, or even show a likely forecast of what they may need to produce to keep up with the ever increasing demand for cleaner, better forms of energy. Some of the charts are even located upon diverse photo spreads throughout the annual report as a way of highlighting various aspects of their business that is showing what is transpiring throughout the company not only physically (though production numbers), but financially, as well, throughout the globe. Also, some of these same charts and graphs show how they trying protect some of the same areas, environmentally and economically, where ExxonMobil is presently located throughout the world.The impact of the charts and graphs, in my opinion, shows that even though ExxonMobil is trying to find ways to inc rease there financial position

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