Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Noplace of My Place Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Noplace of My Place - Essay ExampleThis is how my bathroom appears to most muckle and, truth be told, how it appears to me as well during the regular routines of my day. But I dont have to think about this now, and my mind drifts further.It is when the evening shadows prolong into darkness and the house begins to quiet down that my bathroom takes on entirely new dimensions. Tonight, with my nerves frazzled by conflicting commitments, my ears buzzing with back-to-school crowds and my brain threatening grand overload at any moment, my bathroom becomes my own isolation chamber. Its stark whiteness promises to make no demands, its lack of ornamentation suggests no distractions and its small dimensions stretch forth no threat. As the steam begins to rise from the depths of the bathtub basin, my body and mind sink like stones, one to the warm, smooth surface of my bathtub and the other to the dramatics of soft purples and dusty blues of shapeless space suggested by the lavender bu bble bath I added to the water. The gentle iridescent bubbles rise above my shoulders, relieving them of their burdens, at least for a little while. Tiny and lacy, the delicate bubbles suggest the true weight of my worries. With a soul-cleansing sigh, my body remembers the true shape of me. Of course, my bathroom doesnt walk complete release from the cares and influences of the outside world. As the bubbles die down, I become more and more aware that the rest of the house hasnt completely smooth away. The monotonous babble of news announcers, not loud enough to do more than suggest a cadence, informs me who has control of the television remote. The occasional sudden rattle of the bathroom door announces the appearance of small ripples in the water as someone somewhere slams a door. I wonder if theyre aware, as I am, of the minor shockwaves that run through the house at these small bursts of energy displacement. But I know no one will enter my sanctuary, no one will disturb my peac e. As long as the white door of the bathroom remains closed, I am as unreachable as the sky to them.

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